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What are some of your favorite bands besides MCR?

Mine are Leathermouth, Blue October, Gallows, E For Explosion, New London Fire, and BOB DYLAN!

What about you?


Everything I do is wrong and somehow ends up hurting someone I love or myself.

A killjoy poem.

Just for the hell of it, my girlfriend took a bunch of MCR song titles and made them into puns. I liked what she did so much that I took her basic ideas and made them into a poem. I honestly can't tell if the references are cool or lame. But here is a poem, co-written with my girlfriend. Let me know what you think!

Title: The Only Hope For Me, Was It You?

I won't be running away with you to a summertime dream
Somebody broke my bulletproof heart-
There's blood on its walls-
Your last words tattooed by the hands of scarecrows-
Their eyes glimmer white like a vampire hungry-
For prey, for money,

My raygunnnn

I finished the other side of my raygun :D I need to touch it up a bit, but it's pretty much done! :3

[- Stolen Sanity -]


You know, I never really thought about that before. I never gave myself the credit of being my own hero. Thank you Frankie. But either way, I couldn't have done it without them.

My vacation was shit.

So I have a group of friends I grew up with. We all met each other at our dance studio when we were four years old and became great friends. We danced together until our last year of high school. This year has been the first year we haven't been together. We barely get to see each other because of college. So last weekend, we all got together for the first time since the summer to catch up and chill together. It was supposed to be a great weekend for me to get away and relax.

I have never felt more out of place.

During this weekend, I realized how different I am from my dance friends.


Have you seen Lindsey's artwork? It was so amazing. I can't get over how beautiful it is


I saw MCR a week from today. And as incredible and fulfilling as the show was, my memory of it is already starting to blur ;~; This makes me sad, but hey, I may not remember every specific moment, but I will always remember that is was the experience of a lifetime. I can't wait until I get to see them again and relive it! Thank you MCR, you keep me somewhat sane :3

[- Stolen Sanity -]

I have an epic idea!

I have to do a solo for my dance class and it needs to have some sort of message behind it. I'm going to use Planetary (GO!) as the music and it's going to be about self expression/conformity/etc! It's going to be so epic! I will post it when it's done :3

So excited!

[- Stolen Sanity -]

I'm bored

So here are random pictures of me x3

P.S. I love being a MCR fan :3

[- Stolen Sanity -]