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I had this dream years ago but...

Once I had a dream that me and my friends were playing guitar hero. Then out of nowhere, Ray walks in, grabs the guitar controller, and owned all of us! It was so awesome and hilarious. When he was done playing, he asked if we wanted to join his guitar army... O.O

"Oh man, a band divided!"


If you look on twitter, apparently MCR is fighting over what football teams they want to win. It's pretty hilarious.

Rolling Stone Article~

So I just read the article about My Chem in Rolling Stone and it was awesome. Short but exciting. I knew this already but The Umbrella Academy is being made into a movie and I am so excited.

ALSO. Apparently Gerard is working on a pitch for a sci-fi tv show :O And they want to make a video game based on the plot of Danger Days :OOO


Gupaline? xD

Lol haha Gerard. Poor Ray and Mikey look so bored.

Wooo hoo!

I finally found another MCR fan here at college! I mean, I have some friends who like some of their stuff but this is the first time I found someone who is just as obsessed with My Chem as I am. Yay! I am content.



She is the only person who I don't want to discuss MCR with. I'll be in the middle of reading something or doing homework and she will just start talking about Danger Days. I mean, it's not a bad thing, but if I'm clearly busy doing something important she should know not to bother me. Sometimes I will be listening to my music with my big headphones and she will still just start talking to me. It's extremely annoying.

New Facebook Feature~

So Facebook has a new feature where you can say who inspires you on your profile... So I put all the members of MCR :3 <3

It's Not About All The Friends You Made But The Graffiti They Write On Your Grave

It's so true. People are always talking shit about one another. It's never ending.

Killjoy Pictures <3


[- Stolen Sanity -]


I am so excited about the opening acts! I love both The Architects and The Neon Trees! I AM SO HAPPY!