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1 (800) 520-1067?

Ray said to call this number and vote for them. What are we voting for?

I Think I Know Why They Censored "Drugs"

I think it goes along with the story. Better Living Industries seems to be brainwashing everyone and they probably don't want people who are "living better" under their rules to use drugs or even know what they are.

Just a thought :3

Did you guys see the bandanas?!

Look in the merch section, they are awesome!

Maybe they have been there for a while and I never noticed them, but either way they are amazing!

I should really be in bed


I love...

My Chemical Romance :3

They are so amazing, so ground-breaking, so original and so different.

People are complaining about the synths and poppiness, but honestly I think it is brilliant. They are combining fun and dancing with aggressive punk rock- which are two of my favorite things ever! They are right; what they are doing IS dangerous, but that is what makes it so awesome. I love how they play by no rules. They don't care what anyone thinks. They didn't care when people called them sell-outs on TBP and they don't care now.

Am I The Only One Who Likes The Synthesizers ?

People keep saying how they hate the synths in the beginning, but I think they are awesome. Yes, they are poppy, but I think they add a lot to the song. They actually give me chills. They add a layer of spacey angst especially with Gerard's voice echoing in the background. I think they fit in perfectly.

What do you think?

Dangers Day Is Going To Be Amazing, You Know Why?

Because it is going to very amazingly diverse. Listen to the difference between Na Na Na (a fast, aggressive, in-your-face punk rock song) and The Only Hope For Me Is You (a heartfelt, adorable pop/techno song about love and hope). These two songs prove to me that MCR are capable of ANYTHING. I can't wait for the new album. It is going to be an epic and life-changing masterpiece of modern music.

Opinions on the new song?

I like it :3

Which combo?

What mask and ray gun combo do you guys want? I want the green and white one!