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Frank's Voice

Have you ever noticed that Frank speaks really low? Whenever I watch an interview with him in it, I have to turn up the volume when he talks!

No one commented last time so...

I am going to re-post some pictures of my killjoy outfit :D

Justin Bieber?!

So today I saw a tumblr post where this girl explained my Justin Bieber is "way better" than My Chemical Romance and why they suck.


Ringback Tone!

So if you have Verizon, you can get every song off of Danger Days as a ringback! They even had the Dr. D tracks. I think it would be hilarious if someone calls you expecting to hear a dial tone and they get "...109 IN THE SKY!"

I settled on Summertime as my ringback because it's my favorite <3

Glee Version of Sing?

I don't like it. It's not their voices that bother me, it's the background music. I feel they emphasized it too much and it sounds really bad... what you do guys think?

Ghost of You

Should be on guitar hero! It wouldn't be the most challenging song ever, but it would be fun and different. The guitar is so unique in that song, I love it! That whole song in general is a beautiful masterpiece.

Gerard's new hair?

I can't seem to find a picture of it anywhere. Does anyone have a link to it? :)

AP Article?

Has anyone here read the AP article yet? And if you did, what did you think?


Did anyone read the AP article yet? It was very interesting. Gerard spoke a lot about his personal life, which was interesting. He has never been so open about it before. I love how he doesn't seem scared to say whatever the hell he wants. I mean, he's always been like that, but it's even more so now. At first, I was taken aback when he was talking about role models. Apparently, he doesn't have any anymore. But when I read that part again, I realized that he wasn't be arrogant. He still respects Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, etc. I think he just realized that even they weren't perfect.


So My Chem is going to go to The Grammy Museum tonight, but umm, is it going to be broadcasting? And if it is, where?