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Really Upset Right Now


I just found out that Gerard was at New York Comic Con the same day I was and I didn't know it at the time... I am really upset! I could have met him which is my dream! :'(

It may be harder trying to meet him and the others now that they broke up... But I guess it wasn't meant to be... I will meet him when the time is right... I am still really upset though :c


So Friday I saw MCR, which was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING as always. But there was one thing that sucked.

The crowd. There were a few people who only knew the singles, but that wasn't what bothered me. What really got to me were the people that were like "OMFGMY CHEMISCOMINGONSOONAMSOEXCITEDTHEYAREMYFAVORITEBANDEVER."

...but then when MCR came on, these people just stood! They didn't go crazy, or dance, or mosh, or even sing! THEY JUST STOOD THERE! The whole fricking time! And of course I was surrounded by them. I was going insane and having a great time but everyone around me were like zombies.




Planetary (GO!) Remixes?

Maybe my itunes is being stupid or something, but the Planetary (GO!) remixes only show up when I am in the UK store? Have they not been released in the US?

The World Is Ugly?

I heard they are releasing it as a b-side, is this true?

Watching The Grammy Interviews

I have not been on here for a while. My life has been crazy lately. Luckily, spring break is next week! I haven't been My Chem-ing a lot. Gah, life gets in the way of everything!


I feel like a jerk for my blog last night.

I am not putting down anyone who only likes a couple of their songs. I am not putting down anyone who hasn't liked them as long as me. It's just that my roommate is very immature and likes to copy my friends and I. She automatically likes anything we like even if she would dislike it otherwise. I'm not exaggerating when I say this. The girl is in college and didn't know what a condom was (no joke). I am so tired of her immaturity and it just got to me last night so I exploded. She is oblivious... to everything and I hate ignorance.

You Piss Me Off So Much

You are not a real MCR fan so stop acting like you are. Just because I like them doesn't automatically make you a loyal fan like me. You know three songs whoopee. Stop acting as if they are the "greatest band ever" if you complain about half of the stuff they do. You make me so fucking mad. Stop copying me.

And NO, the Academy Awards are not awarded to bands and NO, MCR is not performing at them, you twit. If you opened your eyes you would fucking know what the Academy Awards are and everything else you are oblivious to!


Looky what I made~ :3

You don't eat like a fucking pig when listening to MCR

My roommate drives me crazy and ruins My Chem for me all the time >__< ;__;