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Im sorry but, words cannot describe how much i hate the MCR facebook page.

They're just horrible... :/
I asked what had happened to it, and wasnt it supposed to be about the music...?
So i get called a crappy bitch, and get asked what my problem is.
seriously wtf? whats happened to them?
Ugh, sorry.

Vampires will never hurt you series 2?

My friend SevenShadesofShit asked me if id do another bit of my fanfic, Vampires Will Never Hurt you.
Just wondering if anyone else was interested, i dont know if anyone who read it is still on here :/
Summary is, theres been a massive revoloution, theres only a few little groups of humans left, and the band have to fight them in order to survive, and make lots of sacrifices.
Heres the first chapter again, if you want to be sent the next one message me :)
Hope you enjoy

The world was darker then it was before. You could tell that just by looking out of a window. The sky was never blue anymore, just different shade of grey, getting duller as life went on. Grass had been replaced with concrete, except the rare few patches of wilderness that remained. Cities had grown taller, sky scrapers reaching into clouds that never disappeared. This wasn’t the world I was born in. This was hell, the year 2034.


Anyone else here a die hard x men fan? I love it, Stan Lees a genius! Id love to meet him someday. Wish i was a mutant, either Storm, wolverine or ice man are my favs, but mystequie is pretty awesome too.
My drawing on the top is of Scott Summers (cyclops) from the films, hes pretty badass. I took it on my webcam so its bad quality.
And then a frighteningly pale pic of me, being me in my mcr top.

Eyes :)

Heres some drawings ive done over the past week...They were taken on my webcam so sorry for bad quality.
First one is the silver side up cover, with the lyrics to Just For next to it (fav nickelback song) I love nickelback so much its unreal.
Second is the jokers eyes, i also love batman. And the quote 'I believe that whatever doesnt kill you simply makes you....stronger' Love the joker, love heath ledger, RIP.
The last one is Kurt Cobain with 'Its better to be hated for what you are, then loved for what you're not.'
That one is for my friends nat and alex, and you guys, cuz all you guys are

My quote. Ish.

I believe in the importance of silence. Without silence you can never truly appreaciate music.
Heres a random drawing of Kurt Cobains eyes for you guys :)


Im so sick of being judged cuz im ginger...Its embarassing. I actually hate it.
Someone who didnt even know me came up behind me the other day and went 'ginger cunt...' to my back.
I laughed then, but i hate it, i really do. Its just my hair colour. Get over it.

Sorry to say this on MCR day...

Yeah, so happy mcr day! :D
But i wanted to say a quick RIP to Miss Amy Whinehouse. I didn't particularly like her music, but she was talented, and its really sad that she died.
I hate it when idols die from drugs and drink....I was gutted when Michael Jackson died, and The Rev. It sucks when the world loses someone so talented, just because they are feeling pressure...
Its crap. I mean its crap when anyone dies, but when someone is loved by so many people, the world kinda holds their breath for a few seconds. Ish.
Anyway...My friends going to see Iron Maiden today. Jealous >.<

Ray :)

Ray, words cannot describe how awesome you are. From the begining you have been my favourite, and ive had you as my profile picture since then.
Seriously, you inspired me to pick up a guitar, and give it a go, and now i can play.
Hopefully one day i will become as skilled at headbanging as you; it will be a tough journey.
Hope you have an awesome day. :)

Blink 182

Should've been Blink 182 concert today :/
Just thought this deserved a blog....


So what other bands do you guys like?
Im a massive nickelback fan, and green day and blink 182 and all that sort of stuff.
I should've been going to see Blink tomorow, but the show got postponed till next year so im a bit pissed...
But here is some art i did in january. First one is Mark Hoppus, second one is a magazine cover of Kerrang, for the 6th birthday of American Idiot. :)