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For the Boo radley author guy dude

Sorry its terrible and the quality is crap D:

Someone wanted to see this...

So yeah, here you go.
Cobains eyes, and i threw in a crap m shadows and a crap Jared Leto.


Todays my birthday!
I got an electric guitar, a wolf t-shirt, itunes cards, and chocolate, and spat on.

For this Boo Radley

Um...Dont ask me what kind of hug this is. I think its some kind of passing of understanding
And yes its rough, cuz friends are there to help you when its rough, and this time its definetley rough...Sorry, its teribble but you know XD

Edward scissorhands

Ive only seen half of it but i love le film!
Taken on my webcam, sorry, but whattaya think o me drawing?
Only 13, so pretty shit, but im working on it.

Series 2 Part four (VWNHY)

For Cecilie, who has indeed helped me through shades of shit ;) this is all for you <3 I dont know whered i be wiithout you
Sorry its short, but there needed to be suspense of some kind. Hope you enjoy, leave a comment.

Half an hour later I chucked up over the side of the truck, hoping I hadn’t gotten any on the glossy paint job; we were in the open back of it. The other guys had gone to some other land rovers parked further down the road, but the guy in charge was driving us. Tracston, or whatever he said his name was.
And of course Frank was in the front seat.

Series 2 part three (VWNHY)

yeah, random, thanks readers <3 Hope you like it

“Who the hell are you?” Frank was mad, so of course he was rude to the deadly tough looking strangers who had a machine gun. That’s just how he rolls.
The man at the front glared at him. “Round up squad.” He had an army voice; obviously. The others shone torches in our faces, making my head spin rapidly.
“Care to tell us what that is?” Frank fumed.
“Care to show a bit respect?” This guy had no fleas on him. “We’re here to help you.”
“How did you know we were here?” Ray asked.
“Like I said, round up squad.

Series 2 part two (VWNHY) part 1.
Hope you guys like it :)

I must’ve passed out, as my eyes flickered open a few minutes later. There was a load of blood in my mouth, which I spat out to my right. The air stank of burnt tires and screeching metal echoed in my ears.
It had fallen on to the right side, so I was on the ground; Gerard had fallen on top of me. There was blood leaking down his face, but not much; he was still out cold.
“Gee…Gee wake up.” I shook him as hard as I could manage. His eyes flickered open, a little shocked.
“Oh crap,” he

Hogwarts :')

Happy Hogwarts Express day, and to all you fellow magic folk out there, i hope you have a good term at Hogwarts.
Im on the train now :')
Words cannot describe how much i love Harry potter :')
My fav charecter is snape, cried for half the movie and book when he died :(

Series 2 part one (VWNHY)

For SevenShadesOfShit. Fanfic, but im sort of just using their names, their personalities are different.
Hope you like it :)

I followed him about five minutes after he left, and found him down on the pebbled beach. The others assumed he just needed air, but there was definitely something troubling him; more than usual anyway. The moonlight lit up the coastline, so I could see him quite clearly.
He had lit a small fire near his thigh that glowed in the midnight darkness, and seemed to be drawing violently in the sand with a stick, mumbling curses to himself.
I caught glimpses, “stupid…not