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Uh hu ^_^

I think the new MCR video is brilliant.
MCR are more than just music to me. They're a part of me. One of the parts I like best about me. And I will never stop loving them, or supporting them, or believing in them.
And to all those people who are dissapointed with the new video?
Answer me this; what kind of fan are you if those last ten years shown in that video haven't affected you in some way? And helped you? All these facebookers who say they are 'dissapointed' should know that I'm kinda dissapointed in them. It's not fair; those past ten years of tour were all for us as fans.

Blink Drawing

New drawing for my friend Matty :)
Whataya think?


Just realised I joined here exactly a year ago today! What a marvellous year its been :D
You're all amazing people, thanks for helping to make the past year awesome.
This drawing is a year old now, aha XD God... :P
Hope you all have a good day x


I've done nothing but sit in my room for like two days....I'm in one of those 'i prefer my own company' moods. Thats a bit sad, but hey. In the words of Eminem, 'Everybody has a private world where they can be alone...'
Anyway, I just drew this for my friend Cameron. It took me an hour, but Camerons funny, so...
He said he would frame it if it turned out any good :s
And another one of the Willy Wonka drawing i did :3

Johnny Depp obsession is getting quite unhealthy....

But he just blows me away. He's so amazing at acting! D:
Anyway, here's another little sketch of him as Mr Wonka, not quite finished.
What do you guys think? :)

The guitar competition Blog dissapeared....

Its gone from my news feed... Has it gone from you guys?
Does that mean its been called off? :/

Sorrt to bother you again....Last blog for this week, I promise :s

Another quick sketch of Sweeney Todd, By the sea :3
Sweeney no like a de sea.
My mum just chucked a load of socks over it too, which is so encouraging :/
Hope you like it, tell me what you think :)
And feel free to say its crap.

Fingers crossed guys :3

I've wrote a letter to Mr Johnny Depp, and put in some of my drawings.
Please keep your fingers crossed he reads it :D
It would mean the world to me if he did. :3
I know its wishful thinking, but it would be amazing if he replied. :D
These are the drawings im sending him. :)

New drawings....

I know you're all probably sick of my drawings XD They never get comments anyway, they're so bad, but here we are anyway.
Sweeny Todd, my new fav film.
The mad hatter.
And hopefully you can tell who the last is...
Hope you guys like them :)

Johnny Depp Drawings :)

The first one is a really old Edward Scissorhands drawing, the second one isn't quite finished but is the start of Sweeny Todd. He was brilliant in both films ^_^
Whataya think? :)
Taken with my new camera that I got for christmas, its great quality now ^_^
Hope you all had an awesome christmas too :3
My GCSE options are coming up, really nervous, but i'm hopefully taking art :3