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Some kind of Lady Bird ritual...

There was some kind of Ladybird ritual going on in my garden, so I saw a photography oppourtunity :) Just thought i'd share.

Im sorry Mikey...

But the lovely Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 has to be my fav bassist :3 Its his 40th birthday today if you can believe it! Happy birthday Mark, its only 3 months and 4 days until I get to see you live! Gonna celebrate with some +44 now, his vocals are just amazing. Happy Birthday Mr Hoppus!


In the words of the recent Muppet movie I just went to see; life is a fillet of fish.
Some people won't, and never will understand that, but if you do, I'm glad.
Fish after all is an aquired taste, and tastes different to every individual.
So yeah, thats what I learnt today.
Life is a fillet of fish.

'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it,' - Roald Dahl

Don't ask about the title, its just a quote I love. You can't really beat a good Roald Dahl book :D
These are my new drawings :s The first is the finished Mad Hatter drawing. The Cheshire cat was a bit of a improv, so its not that good. I put the quote as it is a question I often ask myself XD (I'm a little mad. Innocently enough though.)
The second is the lovely Sam from Benny and Joon. Didn't do him much justice; he looks a bit like a horse. Im in love with the movie though, its beautiful, I'd reccomend it to anyone.

Its Finished :3

I finally finished my Davy Jones drawing :3 Just had to make the hat darker. I decided not to have a background, it would have gotten too messy.
Stil working on the Alice in Wonderland one, hopefully it will be finished soon.
Handed in my options form last week :3 looking foreward to the art course.
But in the mean time Im spending Valentines Day watching Titanic. Bit sad, but its an over commercialised holiday anyway. What are you guys doing? Hope you all have a good day wether you're spending it alone or not :)

Twin Atlantic!

Im scottish and I've only just discovere Twin Atlantic, weird right? But now Im in love with them! And Im so excited because they're supporting Blink in June!!! Im going to see them!!
And the All American Rejects!!!
I wish June would come sooner :D
Honestly cant contain my excitement.
Hope you're all having a good day x
Oh and btw this 'How much am i worth?' thing is really pissing me off. You're all beautiful, you're all worth much more than a couple dollars.

I have been considering words that begin with the letter 'M'...

I love the mad hatter. He's brilliant is he not?
Two drawings I did yesterday, whilst being bored.
Any comments would be greatly appreaciated, I would futterwacken vigerously.
However, one word begining with M to describe these drawings is messy. They look really messy, and I don't know how to fix it -.-
Oh, and teh second one is Davy Jones btw.

Life isn't fair.

I got the news about Katies death yesterday. I still can't believe it. She was hit by a train on saturday. She was only 15, just a year older than me. I really can't believe it.
Katie went to my first school; I wasn't really close to her, but she was in my English class and said hi to me. Her mum was my nurse in year 6 when I had my adanoid flare up; her mum was really nice too. But when Katie was 11 her mum passed away after suffering from cancer. They moved away to live in London to live with their uncle, and I never really heard from her again. I added her on face book a few months ago, but never really spoke to her. She hadn't changed at all.
Then yesterday I got the news; Katie died on saturday. She was hit by a train.
No one knows how or why. It just made me feel sick when I heard. Apparently she got her laces caught on the tracks; the barrier didn't come down or something.
I can remeber her really well though, which is strange. She played violin and recorder and saxophone, and I vividly remeber her telling a teacher she wanted to be an author when she grew up. She was really nice, and so pretty. And I saw Catherine today; she spoke to her on Friday, just a few hours before she died. Her sisters only really have each other now.
In the space of three years they have lost a sister and a mother. Stephanie is only 13...It must be so awful. My heart goes out to them. I just wanted to say something, that wasn't a quick face book status, (I deleted it ages ago anyway) just something. It just makes you think...The worst things happen to the nicest people sometimes. Its so tragic.
RIP Katie Littlewood.

New drawing...

Its not very good, but yeah. Any guesses as to who it is?
Can you name fingers and point names?

This is for my friend Hannah, it's her birthday on Wednesday.
Other things...I'm currently addicted to Pirates of the Caribbean, and all other manner of Johnny Depp films. Again.
My art teacher doesn't like me, which kinda bums me out a bit.
And I got corrected beacuase i got Green Day Lyrics wrong.
And I got 21 out of 45 on my maths test; lowest in the class.
Anyway, what say you? Like it? Savvy?
XD just kidding, whataya think?