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Cookies mark II

It was Gee's cookie....

Mikeys Poem...

Mikey your the bass dude,
I tried to draw you today,
It wasn't very good though,
and my friends thought you were gay.
I hate all my friends now,
as you may have guessed,
coz your not at all gay,
your one of america's best.
I think you might have asthma,
but I really really dont know,
however i know one amazing fact,
Mcr put on a hell of a great show.

Mikey's poem....

Mikey your the bass dude,
i tried to draw you today,
It looked kind of werd though,
and my mates said you looked gay,
i now hate all my friends,
as you may have guesed,
coz you are so not at all gay,
your one of america's best.
Everyone thinks you have asthma,
But i don't really know,
however I do this know amazing fact
mcr put on a hell of a great show.

Gerards hair poem...

Dear Gerard

Sometimes your hair is red,
sometimes it is pale white,
sometimes it is bright blonde,
sometimes its as dark as night,
sometimes it confuses me,
coz it changes so many times,
but I've learnt to love it anyway,
and this poem sucks at rhymes,
I just wanted to say i love you hair,
in every way i can,
and i just also wanted to say,
you sound like a pretty awesome man.

Love from a big fan

I your gonna headbang....

If your gonna headbang do it like a pro,
Do it like Mr Ray Toro,
Who has an awesome fro,
Like some kind of jello....

yo, yo....?


I watch glee coz its funny sometimes, but i can't believe they're gonna do mcr... I refuse to watch that episode. Point blank. Grrrr.... Why holy Ray, WHY?

I'm sad...

I want to go to the tour... but parents won't let me... Sniff.... I found this cool drawing and liked it soo..

I'm irritated.

Gerard hasn't posted a blog since august 15th 2009. I mean come on! Its not that much effort, we just wanna hear whats happening every once in a while. And more random thoughts on cereal.