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My Interpretation

You prpbably can't make out the drawing, but this is what I think summertime would look like as a drawing. Its a desert, with the sun setting, with Gerard and his wife walking in to the horizon. He's abandoned his mask (bottom) and theres puzzle pieces everywhere, and headphones on the left side. If you listen to the lyrics you'lll see why. Anyway, just thought I'd share it...

Crap fanfic mark 2

Gerard rushed back in the room; I’d never really seen him as excited. He turned to Ray and burst, “I think the album should be called The Black Parade!” I laughed. It sounded pretty awesome to me, but right now I couldn’t really think strait; I’d gone giddy. Ray was grinning anyway, but he turned to Gerard. “Yeah! We could go huge with that, especially with videos and stuff, and you know the song we wrote?

My life time ambition...

So here tis...

When I'm sixteen i'm gonna get a ferry to america, taking an acoustic guitar (despite the fact I can't play) and my i pod. When I get to america I'm gonna find Ray Toro and the rest of the band and tell them how awesome they are. Then I'm gonna live in Ray's afro for 2 years. Then me, the band, their wives and kids, my band ( favela) and the army of afro kids are gonna live in the Arizona desert as a tribe. And grace jeanette can come too. Then i'm gonna make a movie of the whole thing, make loads of money, which I will donate to the rainforest aliance.

Crap Fanfic... I'm incredibly bored.

So yeah its crap, but all fanfics revolve around Gerard, and I thought it was time for change. Ray Forever! Ps. I don't fancy him, its just that he's my favourite and he doesn't get a lot of attention, so...

I woke up in a daze, before remembering what day it was and groaning. February 14th; Valentine ’s Day. Crap. The only good thing about Valentines Day is it gives you an excuse to listen to Bullet for my Valentine at full blast, which I do every day anyway. I’d given up on the whole thing.
I entered the studio, not surprised to see only Gerard and Ray.


My mum was having a really serious conversation about drugs with my brother, when i walked into the room. I said "what you talkin bout?" and she said "drugs" Thats when i screamed "DRUGS GIMME DRUGS GIMME DRUGS!" my mum just looked at me in a really dissaproving way. Sheepish, sheepish... has anyone else had an embarrasing moment with a mcr song?

Gerards locks....

Dear Gerard,

Sometimes your hair is red,
sometimes it is pale white,
sometimes it is bright blonde,
sometimes its as dark as night,
sometimes it confuses me,
coz it changes so many times,
but I've learnt to love it anyway,
and this poem sucks at rhymes,
I just wanted to say i love you hair,
in every way i can,
and i just also wanted to say,
you sound like a pretty awesome man.

Love from a big fan

Ps. I'm bored, and this is a joke. If you wanna leave a comment about what you think about gerards hair, I would love to hear it....


Does anyone else wonder how old the sweets are on a pick'n'mix stand? Coz they taste like a thousand years old....

Ray's tale...
Shower singing....

Was singing I don't love you in the shower..... think a bird just died outside. How do you do it Gerard? Sigh... So what songs do you guys sing in the shower?

The truth revealed..

I found this and found it so funny! Its actually real too....