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Feels like I just got my heart torn up....

My parents just told me I can't go see mcr... actually crying right now. I know its not the end of the world, but it bloody well feels like it. They practically made me who I am... Does that sound stupid?

Crap fanfic mark 4 (given up with the whole roman numeral thing...)

I was in the passenger seat of Rays Mitsubishi. For once though the radio wasn’t blaring Bryan Adams classics, silence rang through the air. We were almost speeding down the highway, in the direction of the hospital Gerard said Frank had been taken to. “Did he mention what was up with Frank?” my voice was almost shaking.
“No,” Ray said before pausing. “Knowing Frank though, it could be anything from a busted lung, to a cough” He smiled slightly “I wouldn’t worry until we see him.”
Almost ten minutes later we were pulling into the parking lot.

Crap fanfic mark III

We had left the movies about ten minutes ago, and were now in the middle of one of the stupid games you play on a first date. You know the one where you ask a bunch of random questions that catch the person off guard. We’d passed the boring questions; I now know Ray’s favourite colour is blue and that he loves movies, he knows that my favourite colour was red, but now things were getting interesting.
“So what bands do you like?” I asked. Music would probably be a cool topic, as I honestly had no idea what he liked. He shrugged “Just the normal stuff.

Kerrang vibe...

I'm kinda getting the vibe MCR hate interviews. Was reading kerrang and I got that vibe. Someone asked Ray if he hated people asking to touch his hair, and he said yes. Shame, I wanted to live in it....

New step taken today....

I was soooo bored when I got home from school i tidied my bedroom. And hoovered it. WHATS HAPPENING TO ME?!!! I kinda want to get into my dads good books, so he'll maybe buy me mcr tickets.... :( doubt it though.

New hair... Again?

New haircut...? Again?

I agree with Frank...

I found this on the Kerrang! website;

As My Chemical Romance gear up to kick off their European arena tour, the band's guitarist Frank Iero has slammed some of the band's "over privileged" fans for slagging them off online because The Fabulous Killjoys aren't playing their particular city.

"It's so hard these days, the touring industry is rough," Iero told AOL Music. "If you don't go to every single town then you have 11-year-old over privileged brats tweeting, 'You didn't come to my city and now I fucking hate you!'"

"There's not enough hours in a day and there's not enough days in the year

Im so confused...

Someone please tell me.... Is frerard real? Coz there's this video on youtube. Type in Frerard- I miss you. Its really depressing, coz apparently Frank wanted to be with gerard but gerard had had enough...? So confused! please someone tell me!


On my other blog, everyones fav is mikey... I mean I love mikey too, but that was kinda unexpected. WHO IS EVERYONE'S FAV? Sorry but i' making you choose. I love em all but my life depends on it= RAY!! Comment please. :)


Which one of Mcr do you guys like best? Gerards probably gonna be everyone's answer, but I'll never know 'till I ask. Mine's Ray, as you can see by my pic. :)