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Vampires will never hurt you. Part 9.


I held up my hand to block the light. The sun was blinding, I hadn't seen it in seven months, so my eyes were adjusting. It was also burning my ivory coloured skin, making me tingle all over. I hurried to the shelter of the van behind Tom, who was also running.
Then we heard an earsplitting screech.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 8.

Please read and comment! If this makes no sense read the rest!

I had no idea what was happening, but my body had gone into auto pilot.
I dragged iris away from him; she had come to her senses, and had realised what she had done. She was pleading with me, begging. I swear she was almost choking back sobs, fighting against my arms.
"Please! I didn't mean it! Please!" I dragged her to the side of the road, not once making eye contact.

I then ran back, scared of what I would see.
Everyone was crouched around him, desperatley thinking of what to do. His body was writhing, his eyes rolling uncrontolably in their sockets; he looked like he was having a fit, and was twitching like crazy.
I stared at the puncture wounds in his neck; she hadn't done much damage, but this wasn't any ordianiary wound.
It was a vampire bite; I didn't know what that meant for Gerard.

i'm not gonna ask.

made me laugh.
Whats he looking for?

Vampires will never hurt you. part 7

"Where are you?" I whispered in to the walkie-talkie.
He was trying to stop his voice from shaking. "To your left, behind the busted up truck."
I looked around, seeing the car he was meaning. I rushed over, trying to make my footsteps quiet. Iris came behind me, covering me from the other side. I held my finger to my lips, warning her to shut up.
Then I walked into veiw of them both, with my hands up.

I was on LynZ's twitter page cuz i was bored. Found this. O_O

.@gerardway hope you find your Hunted Wumpus.
9:41 PM Jan 11th via web

It confused me.

Vampires will never hurt you. part 6

Please read the rest and comment! THANKYOU!

They were after us......again.
The few people on the streets were giving us really odd looks. Going from not seing a moving vehicle in about a year to seeing two in one day must've been a bit weird. Plus, we didn't exactly look normal. Gerard had his scraggly jet black hair hanging down to his shoulders, it hadn't been brushed in god knows how long. Ray's afro was doing what an afro does; sticking up all over the place. Frank had his hair in one long line down the side of his face, and Mikey.......Mikey was just Mikey.
Plus we were being chased by a bunch of crazy, blood-thirsty vampires in an ambulance.
Not a normal day, even for us.


So i'm gonna go write another part of my vampire fanfic. Please read it! has anyone get any tips on how to make it exciting?

Vampires will never hurt you. part 5.

She led us to one of the flats that had been marked as 'unsafe', so natrually it was boarded up at all entrances. Perfect.
"How do we get in?" I whispered. She dragged me to the side of the building, where I saw a small gap that one person could fit through. She pointed to it.
She clambered through, showing us it was safe, beckoning us to follow her. I gave Gerard an uneasy 'I don't like the look of this' glance. He shrugged, and strarted to climb in himself.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 4. (No one's reading it but who cares? XD)

I looked at Gerard, eyebrows raised. He was wearing exactly the same expression.
"What did you say?" I asked her. I had to check she meant it.
"You just killed my father. You." She pointed at Frank, who was looking more confused then ever. I stood speachless for a couple of minutes, before Frank eventually butted in.
"Okay, I have a few questions. How the hell is he your father? Did we actually kill him? How can vampires even have kids....?" He screwed up his face, as if the last question was slightly worrying to him. Hell, it was quite a worrying subject.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 3

We all held perfectly still, trying to control our breathing. Mikey was awake, but silent and aware of the situation.He looked a lot better now, but he still couldn't move. His eyes were wide and watchful. We all looked up the alleyway, to see one lumbering shadow. It was moving, getting closer.
"What do we do?" I whispered to Gerard. He put his fingers to his lips, warning me to shut up.