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Blink 182.

Never try and describe Blink 182 on the phone to your gran.

Me; "So yeah......Three people who I have on my wall twice.....All wearing blue nailpolish and black t-shirts........On the beach......................... And then they all run naked down the street ............
Im going to see them in July!"

Gran: ".............."

Ah fun.



Vampires will never hurt you. Part 14

This is the third part I've written today. Ah, well. Please read and comment!

When I walked outside, it was all go.
Trucks were lined up along the tent front; there were about thirty of them, all full of supplies. Men and women were all saying goodbye to their families, and then rushing on to the trucks themselves, armed with whatever they could carry. Some of them looked scared, others just looked excited.
Gerard led me to a truck numbered '22', where we met up with Frank, Ray and Mikey.
All of them looked hard and grim, but smiled when they saw us.
"This is us." Ray said, and he led us inside.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 13

The next few hours were hell-ish.
Everyone rushed around the camp, carrying weapons i'd never seen before. Every sort of gun, every sort of dagger and pen-knife. Men and women signed up in the office, and then got straight to work on their fighting skills, practising against each other playfully.
They had no idea what they were up against.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 12

My eyes widened, "An ambush?"
Gerard nodded, "We're not sure though. We don't know how many of them are still in the city; could be dozens. They might be on their way right now."
"You're not planning on fighting them are you?" I asked.
He didn't answer, but his face was pretty grave.


You know things are bad when you look in the mirror and laugh at yourself.
Or when your really excited when you get an e-mail from youtube.
Or worse, you get depressed when you don't get an e-mail from youtube.

Its not fair.....

How come everyone got a california ray gun? I want one.....
And why do people keep asking for trades? Don't wanna be mean but I would be grateful just by getting one, who cares what colour it is?
Sorry, just really needed to say that. Kinda mean, but it was really annoying me.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 11.

Please comment and read, not in that order, but you know! Thanks killjoys!

I slammed to the floor, gasping at the sharp, agonizing pain in my left calf. I heard Gerard let out a muffled groan as he slammed down next to me, falling straight off the bench. The doors had been forced open by the blow, and as the van was still violently moving I felt myself slide down the floor towards them. My feet were dangling off the edge, but I was more worried that they would crash into us again, meaning me and Gerard would both die.


Mcr always have costumes for their albums, except Bullets.....

Three Cheers = School Uniform

Black Parade = Balck Parade uniform

Danger Days = Killjoy outfits

Whats next?

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 10

Please read and comment! Thanks Killjoys!

I shot up off the bench and looked out of the back window. There was no van in sight.
Gerard came up behind me.
"They're about a mile behind us. They're in another police van and there's a radar in the front, so we can track them. That also means they can track us though. We were guessing the workers installed them to monitor the other services." He frowned.
I noticed that Ray was driving, and Mikey and Frank were sharing the passenger seat. Tom was kneeling between them. Gerard had probably asked to explain everything to me.
I looked at him, trying to figure him out. "You're not a vampire are you?"
I had to be honest; I wasn't sure.