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I was watching the Ghost of you video and it almost made me cry.......
Do you guys have a favourite video?
Sad one = Ghost of You
Funny= I'm not okay.
Artistic = Na Na Na
Emotional = I don't Love You.
Favourite of all time = All of the above.

What about you guys?
Do you like Ray eating a crayon?
Or Franks cheeky wink?
Or Mikey's emotional performance?
Or Gerards amazing facial expressions and changing hairstyles?

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 20

Of course then the screeching started. About eighty vampires all screaming their heads off, cringing away from the sunlight. I clamped my hands over my ears.
Now two of my senses were limited; my eyes were still squinting away from the light.
I saw Gerard beckoning out of the corner of my eye, telling everyone to come towards him. His other hand was blocking one of his ears. I ducked around all of the writhing zombies, heading in Gerard's direction. Sophie was following close behind, as they started to melt into dust behind us.

Sums of my life.

Brownie mix + MCR music = Burnt brownies.
Brownies + MCR music = Happy me.
MCR music + Me = misfit.
Yoga + headbanging = dizziness.
Blink 182 + MCR = My bedroom wall.
Kobra + Dog = Annoying yoga woman.
Bordness + Me = fanfic.

Randomness; Sonny from i- robot like to go to spain when its snowing to mosh midly spicy smoothies with a spoon, without his friend a lama/ dinosaur.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 19.

So.......Thanks to all the people who are reading. Sorry its a bit of a drag, but i get bored. Please comment and such.

Everyone on the floor got up, moaning.
"So we get ten minutes sleep, then we have to go kill some more vampires?" Frank groaned.
"Sounds like it." I muttered. I heaved myself of the ground, my face a bit red. Gerards was red too.
"Stupid vampires......" he muttered to himself, and I grinned, taking his hand.
I saw him smile out've the corner of my eye.
"Back to the usual buisness i guess." Ray said. "Edge down the wall....."
We all gritted our teeth and began going down the wall, slowly edging our way towards the sound.....

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 18.

"Sooooo......Any volunteers for going down first?" Frank asked, staring at the open man hole.
We all looked at each other in silence. No volunteers as such.
"Fine!" He sighed, getting prepared and kneeling down.
"We don't know how far down it is." I said.
"Exactly why Frank should go, he's the shortest here." Gerard stated. "Well except Sophie." He added. We all looked at him, Frank pulling a funny face.
"I don't see you volunteering......." He dropped down to put his legs in the hole, ready to jump.
"No, but I think it would be much more entertaining if you went first." He folded his arms.
Frank stuck his tounge out, before letting go of the side and dropping into the dark.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 17.

Last part tonight I think, I'll write some more tommorrow night. Thanks for everyones comments, they are really nice to hear. Thanks for reading Killjoys!

We headed for a different flat, where screeching could be heard from the top windows.
We were all quite tired now, and a bit shocked from Ross's dramatic death. My eyes had welled, but hadn't betrayed me; i hadn't cried.
We could have used some sleep.
On the way up the stair case Frank gave us an upate.
"There are about five hundred more vampires; we've killed about six hundred. They're still converting some people though. Its pretty horrible to watch."
"How many are left on our side?" Gerard asked, keeping his head down.
Frank bit his lip. "About one hundred."


Was on i tunes looking at a glee single. (Don't ask why)

Marry You- Glee Cast

Listeners also bought; The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance

Since when did people buy that after listening to MCR.....?

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 16

"Its been nice fighting with you Ali." Gee said, staring full on at the vampires, eyes narrowed.
"Ditto." I replied.
There was no escape; we had to fight them.
"Three......" he started counting down before we charged, "Two......O-"
A smash of glass showered down from behind us; the door had been smashed. I put my hands above my head, trying to protect myself.
The vampires hissed violently. A couple of them were hit, and disentergrated.
"Come on you ladies. Time for fun!" someone said from behind us.
I knew that voice.
He hadn't deserted us after all; Ross had smashed the door.
Now he had come to help us, armed with a machine gun.

Hours of sadness.

I drew this on paint.
Do not try this at home.
Hour of sadness.
Yes I traced it, but i drew the drawing underneath anyway.
Thoughts anyone?

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 15.

The whole crowd glanced around in silence, stunned.
How could the whole city be empty? It was home to thousands of people, who had nowhere else to go.
"Somethings wrong here........" Gerard whispered, straring around at all the buildings.
There was a dramatic pause, as everyone waited for something or anything to happen.
No one moved, just used their eyes to look around for any signs of movement.
Then they came.
Hundreds of them, appearing everywhere. In windows, coming out of all the flat doors.
All of them were staring at us with dark eyes. All pale, and creepy, with flowing dark hair.
"You've got to be kidding me............" Gerard said.
Every single person in the city had been converted into a vampire.
It was an entire army.