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Heres some random things;
Blink 182's song 'I Miss You' was used on an ad for a BBC show.
The person on here called 'toxicgasmask' is very cool.
My friend called Gerard Gary today.
She now fancies him, along with Rupert grint and Orlando Bloom.
I really hate James Blunt.
Dave Grohl kinda scares me, and i don't know why.
I watched Glee and it made me sad. Again.
Posted far too many blogs today.
My fanfic has come to the grand total of 25 parts. I need to get a life.
Matk Hoppus like blue nail vanish.
Billie Joe has really cool hair.
My guinea pig is now president.
My dad is looking up Bullet

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 25.

Please read, comment and........I dunno, just and. Thats the end of that sentence. Thanks!

I felt like I was at a funeral; I guess I kind of was, in a way.
We were all dressed in black anyway, it was raining, and we all had what felt like the weight of a thousand coffins on our shoulders. We began to walk up the long road, on the way to the center. A couple of people stared at us, undaring to ask questions.
Judging by their expressions they already knew; we were the only survivors.
We all bowed our heads and walked in silence, my hand still tightly in Gerards.

Hee hee XD

I can't decide which is better......
Well Ray obviuously, but check out that guinea pig......

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 24.

We all got back in the truck, me and Gerard getting into the front, the others cramming in the back. They sat on opposite sides of the truck; Frank, Ray, Sophie, Mikey and Tom on one side, the other eight on the other side. Sophie had silent tears on her face once more, and a couple of the girls I didn't know were also crying. None of us knew what to say.
So of course the radio was back on, playing what I thought was a band called Led Zepplin. For the first time in about a month, it had began to rain.
Gerard smirked, looking up at the sky as he started the engine, "Oh, the irony." He muttered.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 23.

We all got up, everyone walking toward me, Gerard and Sophie. We were all shuffling our feet, really tired and stiff. Sophie and Tom were at least on a level now. Well, one that didn't involve Sophie punching him all the time. He had become really quiet, and we were all still pretty awkward around him. We didn't really have much to say.
"C'mon then kiddies......" Frank murmured. "Survivor hunt. Should be fun."
"Yup." Gerard said sarcastically, pulling on his jacket. "Lets get going."
"Are we walking, or.......?" I asked. I didn't know how much more my legs could take. But there weren't very many other options, unless someone came up with an idea.
"Walking?" Gerard raised an eyebrow. "Nope, I thought we'd do something much more fun." He grinned, looking over to the right. "Everyone, we're high-jacking that truck. All aboard........ And I'm driving." He added, before Frank could get his hopes up.

Pondering.......(Oh yes, I speak like that. Eat it.)

Should I continue ma fanfic.......?
I am a not sure........Seems to be dragging on a bit........Hmmmm........
Someone please tell me......
Much appreaciated.

lesson learnt.

Never sing the begining of 'welcome to the black parade' if you are a girl in front of your dad.
Me; 'when i was a young boy, my father......'
dad:....... When were you a young boy?


This is the first song I've ever written, I know its kinda bad, but please comment, I could use you guys feedback. Thanks.....

Dream just dream, (dream)
No one can wake you,
Fall just fall, (fall)
No one can save you,
But me.
I’m pretty sure
I’m the only one,
Who’s ever been homesick.

Now I know, (know)
That things can change but,
Hey, it doesn’t show, (show)
Life’s a bit different now……..
I need to be picked up,
Off the ground.

So I’m begging you stay,
I don’t need you but,
I’m better off this way,
It’s not that easy,
It’s not that easy,
Is anyone, really okay?

So stop just stop, (stop)

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 22

Thanks to everyone who's reading it. You're all so nice, and thanks for actually taking the time to read it, your comments really make my day. Enjoy! XD

So, eventually I had to go find Frank and Sophie; they'd been gone for almost an hour.
Plus the atmosphere between Gerard and Tom was kinda tight; they kept staring at each other. Or more Gerard was staring at Tom, and Tom was just looking away sheepishly. I knew why he was annoyed at him, but he was trying to make him understand what he'd done; a much harder task then just making him ashamed of it. Mikey and Ray were playing I-spy, so they were fine.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 21

We all stood, just staring at them. Sophie's eyes were narrowed, her arms tightly folded, staring darkly at Tom. He looked down, looking ashamed of himself, unwilling to make eye contact.
Gerard broke the awkward silence. "Can someone please explain? Cuz, none of us get any of this. We don't wanna get caught up in any family affairs."
Sophie ignored Gerard and walked up to Tom; we prepared ourselves to hold her back again.
"I - thought- you- were- dead!" She striked a blow to his arm imbetween every word.