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Vampires will never hurt you. The end. (Lost track of chapters.)

Right so......Kind of decided to end it bluntly, sorry there hasn't been one for a while. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I'll probably write another story after I've been skiing, but it won't be a fanfic, and I don't know if it will be on here......So yeah. That's it!

We walked back into the waiting room hand in hand.
Everyone was worse then I thought, but they managed weak smiles as we walked in.
"You took your time." Said Mikey, grinning.
I couldn't force myself to smile back.

Kinda random blog.

Does anyone else love the artwork for homesick, by A Day to Remember?I love it and I don't know why.
Do you guys like my drawings? Please comment, and don't be too harsh, I'm only 13......Please?
The first one is Mark Hoppus, the second one is Frank.
Thanks guys.....

Umbrella academy, and A Day to Remember.

Does anyone know if you can buy the umbrella academy in Uk stores? Please, someone tell me, I really wanna read it!
And, does anyone else absaloubtley love the artwork for homesick? I really want 'homesick' tatooed on my fingers, where Frank has 'bookworm'
Plus my new kick ass screensaver.

They all look suspiciously like Harry Potter.......

Plus, some of my drawings......

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 35.

If you like soppy scenes, read. I hate soppy scenes, but I needed one. So.....

I started to dream.......Which had to mean I was asleep.
I wasn't sure if that was good or not.
My dreams were blurred anyway, not making much sense. I could hear faint echoing shouts........ A scream, coming from what sounded like Sophie. Then Frank calling out at her desperatley......
A chainsaw, Mikey's no doubt.......Blood.......More blood.
I was pretty sure I was seeing what had happened, or at least my interpriation. It was horrible. Everyone was grabbed, but then Gerard and Frank elbowed the vampires in the face, before turning and stabbing them, all the time shouting was going on. They then ran over to help the others......
I clenched my fists tight, desperate to hold on to sleep; as much as the dream scared me, I was more afraid of waking up.

WARNING! You are about to see something very cool.......

My screensaver.

I'm such a dork. XD

Does anyone else reply to songs?

First thing; my prayers go out to Japan and all the affected areas. Hope you're all okay.
Anyway, here's what I mean;
So I'm listening to them. And then I start speaking to them?
Btw I know these phrases have deeper meanings, but if you forget about that, then you can have some fun.......

Thank you for the venom - You're welcome.
Can you stake my heart? - I'll be honest, I'd rather not.
What's the worst thing I could say? - That MCR are splitting up. Tragic, please never say that.
Tell me baby, who do you want to be? - Um........I'm going to say...... Mark Hoppus.......?
But where's your

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 34.

Thanks all people who are reading. This is my interpritation of a vampire bite, just so you know.

I felt really weird, almost numb. But then I felt the opposite of numb. Then back again.
Suprisingly, I was aware of what was happening, but my eyes were shut tight. Every so often they managed to open slightly, but I only saw blurs and shapes. I knew that I was lying on a hard cold floor, my hair fanned out behind me. I couldn't move, no matter how hard I tried; my arms felt like solid lead; too heavy. I heard distant shouts, but couldn't make out what was being said. It confused me.
Then it started.
I was sinking into the ground; or it felt like it. Weather I was physically sinking or not I didn't know. But it definetley felt like it. It was slow at first, but it gradually got faster.
Plus, I was also in agony, my whole body writhing with pain.


Wish me luck.
I'm going to dive into the boring world, that is the history of pythagoras theorm.
Ps. If you could rename Gerard, Ray, Mikey and Frank what would their names be?
Please, I need ideas. Thanks.

Vampires will never hurt you. Part 33.

33 parts......Getting kinda obssesive. Ah well, I enjoy writing. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

Me and Sophie looked at each other, before turning and speeding down the corridor.
I was pretty sure I heard a bang behind us, but I ignored it; the scream sounded much worse.
We came back to the waiting room, both panting and staring at the scene in front of us in confusion.
The forgetful nurse we met in the waiting room was lying on the floor, blood staining her mint green uniform, her eyes wide with shock. The guys were already there, Frank and Mikey trying to support her from the back, whilst Gerard was holding her hand.
She had a knife sticking out of her left side, its blade all the way in, blood across her entire torso.
It was Frank's pocket knife.