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Possesed. Part 3.

I slept pretty well, which was unusual. I also had no dreams, which was even more unusual, as my sleep was normally full of them. Or at least nightmares.
I woke up to my message alert on my phone, the tone going right through me.
I dragged it off the table to read it. Lee, of course.
'Look alive sunshine. Just thought I’d wake you up bright and early, you know how much you love me. Museum today. Pack a lunch. And bring extra; Harry will never survive. As far as I’m aware, there’s no vending machines.'

Possesed. Part 2.

Slow chapter, but the streamline is coming. Like I said, not a fanfic, so all haters feel free to read if you want. Thanks to the people who commented last time. Message me if you have any ideas, and please comment! Thanks guys. By the way, her name is Zella, but her friends call her Zell. I thought Zella was a cool name. XD

Class dragged, but somehow I survived the meaningless explanation of microbes that I had heard too many times. I glanced at the window to often though, as a distraction; Lee noticed, his eyebrows screwing up, trying to see what I was seeing. I blushed, and quickly looked forward. This continued until the bell rang, and Lee left to go to English. He winked, “I’d wish you luck Zell, but you’ve been here too often.”


My drawing. :)

Possesed. Chapter 1.

So this is a story not a fanfic, so for all fanfic haters you can read this if you want too.
There are some refrences to MCR, but you may have to look hard.
It will be quite slow paced in the begining, but please have patience with me, if any of you read it, know it means a lot.
I got the idea from my friend, who says traumatised too much, at the smallest things.
So here goes, please comment if you read it.
If you have any ideas please message me, they're all apreaciated a hell of a lot! :D
Thanks guys.

I'm back.

Back from skiing! It was sooooo fun, but I missed you guys.......
I had a MCR poster stuck on the top of my bed. XD
Will probably post some drawings i drew later on the holiday........
Discovered a couple things;
Skiing is hard.
Frank is hard to draw.
'I'm not Okay' made my friend sick on the bus (she borrowed my i pod). It was horrible.
Gerard looks evil according to my friends.....
Anyway, I thought of a new story, which I'll start writing soon, if any of you guys are interested.

Bye guys.

I'm going skiing tommorrow, really excited!
But I can't be on here. For a week.
I'm relly gonna miss you guys, you always manage to cheer me up.
In other news; I now have 15 mcr posters in my room! :D
I'm really excited to see Blink 182 in July.
And I finished my art exam, and I'm now screaming Helena and Disenchanted in my room full blast.
So yeah, I'll miss you guys.......
I'll leave you with these pics......


So yeah......This was requested by ToxicGasMask, so I hope this is okay. You guessed it; I'm bored.
Plus......More soppy scenes.-_-


As some of you may know, I'm in the middle of an art exam. I'm only 13, and this exam doesn't mean much to my grade, but it means a lot to me.
Here's the finished product.
The more i look at it, the less it looks like the black parade skeleton. :(
I got annoyed at that, but i had to draw it from memory in my classroom.
Is there anything I can add, or any tips for next time?
Thanks guys.

Dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun.

For anyone who was reading my fanfic, this is Frank and Sophie's wedding. Because I'm super bored, plus I came up with a few ideas today, so I thought I sort of owed it to you guys.

So, just for the hell of it.

I'm gonna post my whole fanfic, cuz for some reason I feel I should. I need to get a life. -_-
75 pages, here goes.