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I miss you!

My laptop got a virus, so I can't be on here a lot. I really miss you guys!
Its all Matt Tucks fault, I was on google images, and clicked on a picture of him, and then I got the virus. Never have the urge to draw Bullet for my Vallentine again......
Anyway, miss you guys......My story will be put on hold, along with everything else.
Urgh. I hate the house computer.
Vote for Mcr in Kerrang awards! www.kerrang!.com

Guess who.....? Please?

Please comment, and be honest.....I know its pretty crap. Why do men have to look so cool in eyeliner, and then be so hard to draw?
Drew this last night, before discovering how pointless the game Halo is, that I'm nice but ugly, and my parents are really weird when they're drunk.
Overall a weird night.
Anyway do you know who it is......?

When I was, a young girl,
My father took me into Paris,
To see a parade in Disney-land,
He said; 'Steph when, you grow up,
Will you be, a savior of the classics,
The traditional, and the shammed.'
He said; 'Will you defeat them?
The witches? And all the Disney non-believers,
The real-life drama's, they have made?
Because one day, I'll leave you,
The sword in the stone,
To lead you in the summer,
To join the Walt Disney parade!

On yeah, the disney parade people! Comment on how stupid I am. :)

Art Comp #2

Okay, so as some of us know, I'm entering an art comp in school. Thanks to everyone who commented on the last one, it ment a lot. Again, sorry my camera's crap, and it is a lot brighter in real life.
I added a desert/ canyon background. :)
Just realised today that there is a theme; the future of education and what it means to you.
What does that have to do with a cartoon Gerard in a desert....?
So I think I'm gonna put; The future of education to me is kids being taught that looks don't really matter, and personality counts more.

Art Comp

So I'm entering an art competition with this picture of Gerard. Well its supposed to be Gerard. The theme was where your education was taking you, and I want to be a comic book designer, so I did Gee in comic mode. And sorry my camera's crap. And yes, he has no face. That was a place I wasn't going to go. Its a lot brighter on paper; trust me.
Comments anyone?

Repost of drawings....

Im bored, so thought i'd post these. Sorry if you've already seen them, i'm cluttering your blog space with my shitty boredom.
Here's some randomness for you;
Heard Sing on a bbc advert; it was a baby documentry. O_o
I know the beatles were massive, but I don't really get why. Don't hate me for that.
Coca cola. Everyone just says coke now. Or diet coke.
Throw away your television. Never listen to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
I got smacked in the face by a football today. Ow.
Travis Barker doesn't seem to smile in photos.
Meese, Moosi, or mooses?
Phil Osophical. Thats my new name.

Possesed. part 4.

I didn’t know what to say. So I decided to garble for a bit, until spiting some words out. They were a lie anyway; both he and I knew it.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I stated, warily.
He raised an eyebrow “Yes you do, zo don’t deny it.” He looked around, before gesturing for me to get back on the bus. “Ve vill discuss zis back at school, I wouldn’t vant someone to overhear us.”
“But the bell will ring as soon as we get back…..”
He shrugged. “If you vould rather have social time, that’s vine. If you want to continue zeeing them, and not have it explained.”
I gritted my teeth;

Whats the point?

I have this friend, who constantly takes the piss out of me because I'm ginger. Not so good for self esteem. He also calls me fat, and says I have the worst teeth he's ever seen. The second two are true, but what is the point of taking the piss out of Gingers, just cuz they have a rare hair colour? Its not my fault, or any other gingers fault. So why should we have to deal with it?


I used to like them, and I love their music, but now I don't like Hayley Williams.
I mean, what happened to her? She used to be awesome, now she's so creepy.....I salute her for being herself, but apparently she's had over four abortions. Of Josh's children. Apparently. No offense to people who've had abortions, I understand that's needed sometimes, but four? And she's 21... Thats kinda young for four abortions. Of course its none of my buisness, but still.
Anyone have any thoughts on her?
Plus Paramore beat MCR in MTV march madness. -_-. Green Day, kick their ass!
She used to be my hero, but

For anyone who has an older sibling.

Do you ever feel like you're old news....?
I mean, I love my family like hell, but they always make me feel weird. Not bad about myself, just not good about myself.
I just started to learn guitar, and whenever I show them what I learnt (using only the internet) they just nod, and tell me to keep going. It's not the most encouraging thing.
Then there's my brother, who is perfect almost. He has good grades, he's in a band, he has a girlfiriend, he has a new job. He never stops getting talked too.
Then there's me; three years younger, with nothing to show but a few drawings.