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New show pony....

You can tell I drew it without rulers....XD
Please give me feedback, and you can say its shit.
Sorry I completley fucked up the BLI sign. XD

Amazing song. If you do just one thing today, please watch this video.

Sing it for all the lost heroes, the ones who never came home.
This is real music, right from the heart and soul.
Nickelback are geniuses, all their songs are amazing.
Whats your ideal heaven?

I think mine is a motor home, an open highway, beautiful scenery and some good classics rock.
Just a simple heaven. Sounds stupid, but that has been my idea of heaven since I was eleven.
Playlist for this;
Nickelback ; Far Away.
MCR ; Summertime
Eagles ; Waiting in the Weeds
Blink 182 ; I miss you
Bryan Adams ; Heaven

The 'Cleansing ears' process.

So I just went to a party at a bar called Shooters.
It was fun but of course they played crap music, and now I have a headache, and am listening to MCR, to cleanse my ears of the sin they listened too.
The party was fun, but so....processed.
The played music videos on the TV's; so of course all of them were half naked girls wrapped around men without t-shirts. (Despite it was a under 14's party)
All the girls at the party were wearing super short skirts, or jumpsuits, all the guys wearing jeans halfway down their butts. Everyone didn't dance just stood there and swayed awkwardly to the beat, or put their hands up and jumped. NOT dancing.
There was also a pole, and just for a joke everyone started dancing on it, trying to look sexy. Fail.
People just be who others want them to be.
Sometimes I feel like there's no one.....Real left in the world, if you get what I mean, everyones fake.
This is kinda how I relate to 'Sing'.
Sometimes I feel as though they're talking to modern society, telling everyone they've got to be what tommorow needs; a difference.
And to sing, louder then before, sing above the crowd, even if they try shut you up.
'For every time that they want to count you out, use your voice every single time you open up your mouth.'
Life should be simpler, and less judgemental on those who don't wanna wear a skirt halfway up their ass; I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans :)
So yeah...Thats enough deep thinking for today.
The names Phil. Phil Osophical.
Anyone else feel like that.....?

Catcher in the Rye

Is the Catcher in the Rye a good book?
Im 13, and I ordered it yesterday, its coming next week.
I don't wanna know what happens....But is it good?
Plus my drawing of Gerard I drew yesterday....

New drawing....Please comment.

Sorry crap quality....I'm 13, so don't be too harsh....
RIP Beth.


I didn't know Beth, but I hope she's in a better place. Its such sad news.....
There's a thing on facebook, called Sing it for....A moment of song.
Check it out.
Basically at midday on the 31st of may they want every killjoy in the world to sing, to represent how much hope it gives people, especially those in the same situation as Beth.
Anything you want.....just sing.
Spread the word.

My friend wrote this. :)

I'm singing it for the 37 people who were rude enough to not attend.
I'm singing it for anyone who has ever taken their own life, For any reason.
I'm singing it

I have a question....

How jealous are you of Grace?
She's amazing though, she has time for everyone.
She sent me two replies on you tube, and posted a comment on my channel saying she liked my drawings. :D
Made my year.

Getting Braces tommorow.

It's okay though, cuz I'm getting blue ones, for Jet Star. :)
Yes, I am that devoted to Ray. Show him some love!
Harry Potter MCR, that I made myself. :)
Does getting wire on your braces hurt?
Cuz I have like high vampire teeth. Probably cuz Im a vampire, but you know.....

Nothing changes.

Self esteem level has reached an all time low.
Get in, braces really do work miracles. -_-
And of course the gingerness and overweightness.
But hell, I will try stay positive......
Happy star wars day!
May the 4th be with you.
Now, you must share your favourite Star Wars scene with me to make me feel better!
Mine is when Han Solo is about to get turned into stone, its really sad, but then Chewy makes it worth watching. And of course the whole Lai 'I love you!' confession, and his amazing reaction. 'I know.'
Smooth Han, so smooth.