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The forbidden toothbrush romance.

The green one was angry that it got replaced by the blue one, so it went to confront it.
But they fell in love instead.
I swear I need an asylum.

Show pony; the obsession continues.

I swear I want him on my wall.
This one went a bit funny; his arms pretty messed up....
Please leave me a comment, and feel free to say its shit.
The product of a sunday lunchtime.

This all I can be bothered doing tonight....

Im really fraustrated, I honestly can't draw faces.....
Please comment anyway; this is supposed to be Billie Joe from Green Day. Supposed to be.

Its so infuriating.
This one went wrong. Not horribly wrong, but wrong.
Excuse my crap camera; its my webcam.

We're so lame! XD

So me and my friend rachel were playing killjoys today :3
It was so fun!
My science teacher is Korse (he's bald.), and everyone is a drac except me and her, and a couple of others.
We plotted out the zones on my school field, and the running track was an electric fence you have to cross to get into battery city, then you have to cross a road to get to the Scarecrow unit.
We used our hands as ray guns, and 'pew pew pew' We killed all the dracs.
We're such cool 13 year olds.
But it doesn't matter; we were laughing the whole time. :3


Again, please comment, and feel free to say its shit, cuz I know I mucked up his leg.
Again its for SevenShadesofShit, who's name i have hopefully spelt correctly this time.


A dawing of Frank I drew just now. I took you guys advice and used a darker pencil but I prefer lighter ones.
Please comment and feel free to say its shit. :)

Ps. This is dedicated to SevenDifferentShadesofShit, who always told me my shit was good, as shit as this drawing actually is. This drawing is a result of her pep talk. :)

Im Gerard. :3

Im not actually kidding, this is what clever bot said to me!

Who is Frank Iero?
The most gorgeous man ever.
...Who is Ray Toro?
A guitar god.
Who is Mikey Way?
Your brother.

It was so funny!
Im Gerard. :3

I hate snobs....

We had French today, and for the french homework you had to do a celebrity and describe their charecter. I did LynZ and Ray, cuz my friend was doing the others.
So there's this girl that sits next to me called Molly, and she saw my fench homework and asked who they were.
So I explained, how amazing they were and how they played in awesome bands.
She turned her nose up; quite literally, and screwed up her face in disgust.
I burst out laughing at her expression; she's so narrow minded.
Then she said 'I mean look at all her tatoos....And her hair......And she plays Bass? What a weirdo.....And he looks like he's an electricuted hobo.....'
I could have killed her; but I just laughed.
I pity her, I honestly do.
Then she said I needed a brain bypass, so I told her she needed bigger boots, cuz she was getting too big for them.
Then I had to explain this meant she was full of herself, and she went all quiet, so I started to sing Get it Up by MS. And then the nose turning up started all over again.
Sometimes being made to feel like a freak is funny; othertimes it just sucks. This was one of those times where it happened to be funny.


First of all I wanna say thankyou to both you guys and MCR. The comments on my last drawing were so nice. You guys believe in me, when I dont even believe in myself. To me thats beyond words- thankyou.
Second- MCR were amazing at Radio 1! And my friend got a shout out, I was so jealous!
Third: I think I may have had the weirdest dream....It was my first MCR dream, and they were in the strongbow beer advert. Ray got punched in the arm by someone, and then turned around and gave him and evil eye. But didn't punch him back- violence is never the answer. Yeah, it was weird....