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stephweffneff's blog

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So here';s the rest!

These were all improvised, so they aren't too good.
Green day, Blink 182, and MCR.
Comments anyone? sorry, crap quality.
Love Rays expression. XD

I colour. Ish

I did more of these which i will post later. I did Blink 182, Green Day and of course MCR.
So, i coloured it in, and my hand writing pen is dead.
Comments anyone? Sorry crap quality.

MSi drawing

Any Msi fans here? Love em.
Sorry crap quality, but, im a webcammer, so...
Comments, anyone....?


Dear thin people, (you know who you are)
Never let yourself become fat; it sucks.
Love from a fat person.

New drawing....

I had to improvise it....Sorry, crap quality, took it on my webcam.
Comments anyone....?

Fun run today!

I put my hair in bunches....So here's my new Face book profile pic.
Second pic is us doing the run. Excuse how fat I look. (my freind is the slim pretty one)
The theme was best of british, so me and my friend went as bullet for my vallentine.

This is what happens with improvising! Agh.
If you were interested.....

Didn't hear back from the art competition. Ah well....
In a way I did win. You guys nice comments is worth way more then £50.
I love you guys.

Fav pic. EVER.

My new fav picture. Two fav bands :)
Btw....I feel like I betrayed you guys.....
I got face book.
Im sorry.
But you know, i talked to some people who i haven't seen in ages so.....For me its all good.

Show Pony; The final fronteir.

Hope Ricky likes XD
Please comment; sorry crap quality.