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Hey please watch? Some of my new art :)
Hello again

I don't come on here much any more man! A lot of stuff seems to be going down. Conventional weapons is over D: But it was so awesome while it lasted. Here's to any new MCR coming in future.
I hope you guys don't mind me uploading this, it's a drawing of the beatuiful Rivendell from Lord of The Rings. Man, what a gorgeous place, I don't think any drawing could ever do it justice, but this is my best shot, using fine liner and water. Hope you guys like it.
The one underneath is the picture I recieved from Sir Ian McKellen! It's signed! What a great guy, I can't believe he signed it for me.


This arrived in the post :')
It says
'Steph Campbell
Ian McKellen

Merry Christmas guys

You know when you read a book, and you think man, this guy is so inspiring, I love this book its my favourite book ever, and then you look at your life and think man what the hell am I doing?
One of those moods. The fact is, all of us are extrodinairy, which is another way of saying no one is. But when you see someone that is truly extrodinairy it really makes you smile. Here's to the extrodinairy and the dream the human race all share in becoming one of those people.
Merry Christmas, and here's to a better 2013 than 2012. Cuz quite frankly my 2012 was a really bumpy ride.

Manga anyone?

First of all; number two is amazing. Congrats MCR, you are fabulous as always, and it looks like you'll be giving us all a lift home, judging by AMBULANCE lyrics ;)
Second of all does anyone here like Naruto? Recently discovered it, its awesome! My drawing of the amazing Kakashi, hope you guys like it.
See ya soon x


I have an old friend from scotland, his names John Bell. I left when I was six and haven't had contact with him since, but a few years after I left he won a Blue Peter competiton and was cast in Dr who! He was the little Scottish 'skies are made of diamonds' kid!
AND NOW HE HAS BEEN CAST IN THE HOBBIT! I'm so excited to see it now! It's so weird knowing that a kid who got you a disney princess board game for your sixth birthday is going to be in such a big film. The pic is of him as Toby in Tracy Beaker returns a few years ago :D
Congrats John, all the best!

I have no idea what I'm on right now...

There are days

There comes a day within everyone’s life, when you give yourself a specific time to think. There are days when you are confused, and so overwhelmed by everything, all you want to do is sit and stare at something that takes it away. A photo maybe, or something fictional; anything that can help you focus on one thing rather than everything.
There comes a day when you realise the world is not something to be gazed upon without caution; when you realise the world is what you make of it. For maybe a minor second, you must see things as they are; not what they were, and not what they could be. When your eyes open.
Seeing can be metaphorical. It can also be physical. It depends how you see it. Do you view things physically? Or do you ask yourself questions, where did this come from, why did it happen? Do you view people as people, or ideas that are simply drifting, only existing with your interaction? Do your dreams lie amongst the stars? Or are they simply with that person in your class, the one who sits at the back reading that magazine you love?
There are days when everything can be too much. There are days when everything is far too little. There are days when we question our very existence and purpose.
And there are days when one must simply be grateful, and live.