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R.I.P part 4

I'm sorry for anyone who has lost someone. NEVER FORGET.

List of Victims on United Airlines Flight 175

Alona Abraham
Garnet Edward Bailey
Mark Lawrence Bavis
Graham Andrew Berkeley
Touri Bolourchi
Klaus Bothe
Daniel Raymond Brandhorst
David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst
John Brett Cahill
Christoffer Mikael Carstanjen
John J. Corcoran III
Dorothy Alma de Araujo
Ana Gloria Pocasangre Debarrera
Robert John Fangman
Lisa Anne Frost
Ronald Gamboa
Lynn Catherine Goodchild
Peter M. Goodrich
Douglas Alan Gowell
Francis Edward Grogan
Carl Max Hammond, Jr.
Christine Lee Hanson
Peter Burton Hanson
Susan Kim

R.I.P part 3

So sorry for anyone who lost someone that day. NEVER FORGET.

List of Victims on American Airlines Flight 11

Anna Allison
David Lawrence Angell
Lynn Edwards Angell
Seima Aoyama
Barbara Jean Arestegui
Myra Joy Aronson
Christine Barbuto
Carolyn Beug
Kelly Ann Booms
Carol Marie Bouchard
Robin Lynne Kaplan
Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey
Jeffrey Dwayne Collman
Jeffrey W. Coombs
Tara Kathleen Creamer
Thelma Cuccinello
Patrick Currivan
Brian Paul Dale
David Dimeglio
Donald Americo Ditullio
Alberto Dominguez
Paige Marie Farley-Hackel
Alexander Milan Filipov
Carol Ann Flyzik
Paul J. Friedman
Karleton D.B.

R.I.P part two

Part one is my previously blog.
I care a lot about the peple who died. SO SORRY.

List of World Trade Center Victims (not including plane crews or passengers)

Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr.
Edelmiro Abad
Maria Rose Abad
Andrew Anthony Abate
Vincent Abate
Laurence Christopher Abel
William F. Abrahamson
Richard Anthony Aceto
Jesus Acevedo Rescand
Heinrich Bernhard Ackermann
Paul Acquaviva
Donald LaRoy Adams
Patrick Adams
Shannon Lewis Adams
Stephen George Adams
Ignatius Udo Adanga
Christy A. Addamo
Terence E. Adderley, Jr.
Sophia Buruwad Addo
Lee Allan Adler
Daniel Thomas Afflitto
Emmanuel Akwasi


I would like to say I'm sorry to everyone who has lost their lives or who knows someone who did. Very sorry.

Happy late Birthday

Sorry, I know a little late, but HAPPY BITHDAY!!!!!!!

Maximum Ride

Just finish reading the last book. Anyone else reads this stuff?


Hey guys. Came back from the dentist. Ending up getting stiches. It feels so weird. Anybody else got stiches?


Hello everybody.
It's official, tomorrow is my appointment. They said they will have to take a tooth out or something. I don't know. Sort of scared and all. I need a little support but I'll make it. I'm going to dye my hair green so it shouldn't be that bad.

Gerard Way 8 years

Congrats Gerard!! :)
It's been more than tne years of the band and eight years of being clean and sober!!
So MCRmy lets put more post so they can see we care.

Surgery and Braces :)

I made my mom to make me an appointment to the dentist so they can talk about my surgery. If I am to get surgery, it's going to be in Chicago. Not that bad. Also they told me I need braces and my older sister has braces and she's always complaing to me. My friend got to pick out a color. Hope I can get red. :)