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i need opinions

I need your opinions on something. So I'm writing this speech for English and I'm writing about how I am against animal testing when it used for scientific advances. I am actually very much against it, but I need other people's opinions so I can show that I know why people might disagree with me. And it would be great if you guys could tell me whether you are for or against animal testing for scientific advances and why and stuff. It would really help me out. Thanks guys :)
-Static xo

this is my body

Everybody watch this now, this is a message that needs to get out. This is my body.
-Static xo

i don't know

Do you guys ever get those days where it feels like your friends don't want to be around you? I don't know, today it just feels like I don't fit with them. It always feels like I have friendships which aren't mutual. It's like I'm just dragging behind my friends when they don't even really want to be around me, and it feels like if I wasn't friends with them, then it wouldn't make any real difference to their lives. Does anyone know what I mean? It's probably just my paranoia and my weird judgment getting the best of me anyway.

Keep running killjoys.
-Static xo


Ciao! So, today I had an RE lesson where we were starting to look at philosophy, where we’re going to be focusing on the question of whether God exists or not. We had to straight up write on a piece of paper if we think God exists. We had to either say yes, no or maybe.

why not 2.0

1) Height? 5 6''

2) Virgin? Yup.

3) Shoe size? 6

4) Sexual orientation? Straight

5) Do you smoke? Nope

6) Do you drink? Nope

7) Do you take drugs? Nope.

8) Age you get mistaken for? I don't get mistaken for any age

9) Have tattoos? Nope.

10) Want tattoos? Maybe one or two

11) Have piercings? Nope

12) Want piercings? Nope

13) Best friend? Millie (even though she isn't the nicest at times), Rose (my bro) and Ella (one of the nicest people you will ever meet) :)

14) Relationship status? Single and ready to eat pringles

15) Biggest turn ons? Humour :)

16) Biggest turn offs?

a poem

My phobia of everything overwhelmed me again
as I drag this lifeless soul
Never forgiving never forgetting my mind drones on and on
Never too late to say goodbye?
Your lies cleared like the fog in this ghosted town
Only this time they're truer than ever
Your lying eyes fled to the shadows
You the radioactive substance dangerously pulls me in
My chest keeps beating again again,
but why is this happiness fleeting?
If I went back just for a second my head would self destruct
The time bomb ticking away called my conscience wants to show me the way
It called it lied it stole it cried, it took my

why not

1. Any scars? Yup, one on my wrist from when someone accidentally scratched me
2. Crush? Nope
3. Kissed anyone? Nope
4. Coke or Pepsi? Neither
5. Someone you hate? Not really. Apart from a fictional character.
6. Best friends? Yep Millie, Rose and Ella :)
7. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? Nope
8. What's your dream job? Not really sure. Music related? Science related?
9. Ever been in love? Nope
10. Last time you cried? When I fell out with someone
11. Favourite colour? Blue in general, I love pretty much all shades of it
12. Height? 5 6''
13. Birthday? 11th July
14. Eye colour?


I hope being 36 is awesome, plus you don't look it. HAPPY BIRFDAAAY :D

Though you're dead and gone believe me your memory will carry on

Hey guys, it's been a rough 24 hours. I woke up at 3 in the morning to hear my sister crying her eyes out because of MCR's break up. I honestly can't say thank you enough to MCR for saving my life. So. Many. Times. They gave me hope when I couldn't see anything good coming my way. They helped me to start to love myself again when I truly hated myself. I don't have the courage to say what situation I was in a few months ago, but thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know what I did without MCR, but the problem is that I don't know what to do without them now.

self injury awareness day

So today is Self Injury Awareness Day, so I'd thought I'd join in, cause it's a pretty serious thing which people often stereotype or don't know much about. Today you're meant to either wear an orange ribbon, write LOVE on your wrist or draw an orange butterfly in your wrist (like I have-sorry for the shitty quality), to help spread awareness.

See ya kiddiewinks!
-Static :)