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Friday March 22 2013 and the days that have followed have been possibly the hardest days without My Chemical Romance since before we discovered them. They helped us through loss, dissapointment, rejection, down falls, and every crisis we could have ever had in the last 12 years. They saved lives and built up our self esteem. They became like a baby blanket we slept with and held int he hardest moments of our lives. I have felt lost and hopeless and they always helped me find my way back and hold my head high.

are we all zone 6??

im so confused with the whole zones thing. am i getting zone 6 because i live in cali or is everyone seeing zone6?? i was wondering about that cuz i was explaining to my friend the whole story and yeah...hes not cool like the MCRmy is lol he doesnt listen to them cuz hes a weenie face haha anyway yeah someone if you know tell me whats up with the whole zones thing. oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!!!!!

my 10 month old MCR fan lol

hes 10 months and already loves MCR lol. hes been listening to them since the NANANA video was released lol his favorite songs are NANANA and Planetary. i took a video of him listening to NANANA and when the video stopped to buffer he got a "wtf?" look on his face. hes already head banging to them and when hes crying i can play them and he just stops smiles and starts to dance haha. 10 months and he already knows what good music is haha. my nephew is probly the youngest MCRmy member there is lol

whoes at my show?? anyone got answers??

so i was wondering around the site and found out that 2 other bands were performing in hollywood where im going to see mcr!! (excitement!!) but idont know who they are. it says that circa survive and the arcitects are going to be there but idont know either band :/ any critiques??

OH MY S**T!!!

SO FUCKING EXCITED!!! ive been counting down the days untill the new cd comes out since the day they announced the realease. iran around my house screaming its finally here untill my mom threw her shoe at me and told me to shut the fuck up hahaha. now im going to isolate myself with the new cd and never leave my room!!! im sooo happy that ive had to delete almost every word because ikeep spelling it wrong!!! im having finger spazz attacks!!!

cant wait to go deaf!!!

im just counting down the seconds untill ican go deaf listening to gerard sing his heart out to us. ughhh ive been waiting for this cd for so long and ever since iheard the title for "the only hope for me is you" ifell inlove with the song and when isaw it up for sale on itunes icried and ran to get my (at the time) 2 month old nefew and we both infused our minds and souls with amazing music. at 3 months he really enjoys them and was verry happy with the song "na na na" and loves to listen to mcr with me in my room.

just thinking...

ok so iwas talking to my sister the other day about gay people and she thinks that girls that dont dress like guys or are girly arent really lesbians and that guys who dress like guys and are manly arent really gay but it wouldnt make sence
guys area attracted to other guys and so if theor together their gay but if one looks like a girl then the other is contradicting himself because hes with someone that looks like a chick when hes supposed to like guys...its soo confusing so ijust think that if a guy looks like a guy and says hes gay its ok cuz he wants to get another gay guy (ithink.

why do we wait for a disaster to help and lend a hand...we need to start helping even when were not asked to...because thats the right thing to do...its the way to make a better world...a car wash can help feed so lets start doing our part to make a better world and help
its me gina talking to the world cuz im tired of watching people only help when asked to...ive helped without being asked and the feeling is better than when im asked to help
im tired of the world being so selfish and greedy
we all believe the world is gunna end in 2012, are you going to wait until then to start


oh my goodness!!! OK so i guess i didn't sign up in time on for the magazines to come but today i was at the mall and i went into hot topic to see if i could get an application there unfortunately they weren't accepting any so i just looked around because my friend gave me a gift card for x-mas. i was sad because other than me not being able to apply for a job there they sold out of the new mcr shirts and i was just looking around. then i took a step back and of coarse clumsy me bumps into a cart right behind me and some magazines fell off of the cart.

Putting them anywhere i go

well my sister finally put the program i needed on the computer so i can put music on my new phone!!! yey!!! that means my collection of cds can get put in my phone
my collection of cds consists of 5 magical compact disks all by the same band
i don't think its too hard for any of you to know what the band is
I'm currently waiting for the first album to get copied into the computer so i can import that into my phone
im soo happy that means i can listen to them even if the other half of my life is at home or out of battery (by the way that other half is my i-pod)
but yeah now if it dies i can