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Spiderr's blog

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This is why we dont give Thor a phone...

May ur day be filled with happiness nd joy and MCR of course!!

Gotta love this girl! ( I own NOTHING.)

If you like it, check out her channel!

New Killjoy Outfit. ~Cyanide Spiderr~

Helmet: Black with flames
Shirt: Red with rips.
Jacket: Long, black and a few small rips.
Pants: Half black, half red.
Boots: Black
Hair: Ponytail and side bangs.
Accesseries: Colorful bead bracelets.
Gun: "Keep it ugly" on the side and Cyanide Spiderr on the other side. Pure blood red\
Keep it ugly,
~Cyanide Spiderr~

Mother of no god...

Why are all these people bitchin' about me being atheist? I mean seriously! RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. It's seriously annoying me.

Gets me everytime! (Die-hard Harry Potter fans will understand)

Long Live Dumbledore's army!
When I saw this scene in the last movie I got all sad because it was like I should've been there. They are like my secong biggest inspiration even tho they are all characters. I grew up with my mom watching these movies and I absoulutely fell in love with them. I could not stop. Every day I'd be like "Mommy, I wanna watch Harry! Harry mommy!". Seeing Hogwarts get destroyed almost made me cry, I'm not joking. Me and my friends felt really sad but so happy Voldy was dead. I was just like "It's over guys.". I died seeing Harry kill Voldemort.


Sorry, I just had to! Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY TORO!! *does weird star trek sign with hands but thens turns it to a rock symbol* xP You're rocking skills are OVER 900000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ray, without you, I wld have never started learning to play guitar! When I get older, my Dad said if I'm really good by then, he'll buy me a Les Paul!

Real name: Maddie
Killjoy name: Spiderr Cyanide or Cyanide Spiderr
Age: 14
From: Pennsylvania/ New Jersey
Favorite color: Red (The Gerard red or Gered)
Favorite animal: Wolf
Favorite movie: Interview with a Vampire/ The Ring
Favorite band DVD: Life on the Murder Scene (Duh!)
Favorite food: Tacos or Donuts
Favorite drink: Coca-Cola
Favorite comedian: Adam Sandler
Favorite movie genre: Comedy and/or Horror
Favorite book genre: Fiction
Favorite book: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Peeta and Katniss get married :D)

Top 10 favorite bands(not in any order) :
1.My Chemical Romance

Chewbacca's first day of school!