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I am 15 O.O

So, today's my b-day.....And I'm fifteen....So yeah.....DRIVING TESTS AND PREGNANT LADIES EVERYWHERE XD JK But I bet my high school wld do SO YESH I AM OFFICIALLY 15. xP

Life in the Killjoy Era pt.1 (REPOST)

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt. 1
Spiderr: I woke up dazily alomst like in a trance. Alone, as always, since the breakup with Poison and all...I don't like taliking about it...
I got up,stumbling a bit, my head almost pounding (Not bc of a hangover.). I jumped to my feet when I heard the door open. It was Ghoul. "You're on brat duty for a while, kay?" He boomed.
"Why?" I replyed.
"Karma and I are going out to breakfast then a walk. Nobody else but Reinly was up and she's got her own brat duty to worry about."
"Fine." I said rolling my eyes. "Hand her over." He handed me baby Jinxxy.


Did this happen to anyone else? Im gonna cancel my new fanfiction and start up LIfe in the killjoy Era again! :D


I GOT MY OWN ROOM! So, me and my mom live in a apartment, right? You think it only has one bedroom, eh? WELL YOU ARE WRONG! Our landlord, has been working on my room since MAY. And it was my mom's idea. I had no idea that room even existed. Ok so you go into my house, directly in the living room, go passed the Washer and Dryer room, voila! My room! EEK IM SO EXCITED!

Once a killjoy, always a killjoy Pt.1

Credit to all the people who let me use their killjoy names: Electric Ice, Grey Sunlight, and Purple Ashes! :D Thank you!! Im sorry but I cld only use two, because my friend wanted to be in it but I hope you understand Grey Sunlight D: Sorry :( But I'll see if you can be in my next one ;D. On to part one!
Rain kept patting on Ashes' window. She sat on her bed as she stared through the window, a little ways above her. She left her focus on the window and turned it to her wall.

For YOU.

I own nothing. Credit to Cassasaurus on youtube who gave me a reason to live. MCR did, BVB did. <3 We can do this. I promise.
x~Cyanide Spiderr~x

Oh. My. God.

Mod Edit: Please refrain from posting blogs about rumors. They are not true, and there is no reason to spread them. Even if you are ranting in a positive manner condoning such activities, we want to keep control this situation. Thanks.

News my fellow killjoys! :D (Help)

I'll be starting a new fanfic soon and I wanted to know if I could use any killjoys names. Leave 'em in the comments! :D Thnx!
x~Cyanide Spiderr~x


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This is why we dont give Thor a phone...