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I don't smile as much as I used to...

I don't. I really don't. Maybe because of my depression, maybe because of life in general, but I stopped smiling. Real smiles. I only smile now to make people think I'm okay, but it's Like I wish I could smile for real again. A real smile. But I can't. When I smile, or laugh, it's forced. It's like, that's funny so I HAVE to laugh. I've been wearing a mask for too long. Too fucking long.

Promise Me Chapter 4

I woke up to the sound of yelling and screaming. Not a pleasant thing, but you get used to it after almost 16 years of it. Hint, it was my parents.

"What the hell did you do to her?!" The first voice was Frank. Was he talking about me?

I tried to turn. Aches spread through my body. I groaned. When I silenced, feet came rushing into the room.

"Kylem?" Frank whispered and rushed to my side.

"Yeah?" I dazily smiled and looked at him. He hugged my aching body. I instantly hugged back. I loved his guy...well, like a brother. Or-

Before I finished the thought I saw Johnathan smiling at me.


Crap...just crap. NO MORE WIND OR WATER!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!! And how are you guys? Power out? Flooding? Im worried for all of you. :/

Promise Me part 3

It rung in my ears. Dead. Maybe dead was good. I didn't know how to explain it, but that word always disturbed me, yet comforted me. I wasn't afraid of it, I'd never been afraid.

Still two inches away, I watched as he leaned in. Closer, and closer, my stomach turned. Our lips barely touched when I backed off a foot or two.

He wiped his mouth. "Sorry...I uh.." I just walked away, not saying a word. I didn't want to talk. I didn't want to cry. I wanted to drink. And drink. And drink. And drink. My craving for it grew stronger, and stronger, with every single second I stood there.

Promise Part 2

When I woke up, I felt a blanket consuming me in it's warmth. My eyes still closed, I lay in a soft bed, softer than my own. Then it hit me.

It wasn't my bed.

I jolted up, eyes the size of large marbles. What did I do?! All I remember is getting wasted! Hopefully, I didn't go home with someone. Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit....

This wasn't my room. These weren't my chairs. It wasn't my TV. NOTHING was mine. I stared off into space, realizing I was probably screwed. Literally and metaphorically......No no no no no no no NO! This couldn't be happening.

Just then I heard footsteps.

Promise me. Part 1 (hope you all like it!)

I walked down the streets of Jersey, not caring about anything. I was drunk out of my mind, suprised I hadn't puked yet. Everything was fuzzy, I couldn't hear anything clearly, I couldn't see anything clearly. I was finally in a peace of mind where noone but him could ruin it. He hurt me so badly, I couldn't take it. He promised me he would never, even if he was drunk. Almost every night I was either getting into a fistfight with someone or getting wasted or both. The pain was consuming me.

I hate socializing.

First off, I would like to say that for the past few weeks, I've been a complete shut-in. I've been that kid who refuses to go out in the real world and socialize. I'm too busy working on stories that most people in the world will never read, video games that apparently "rot my brain.", and drawings that the world will never lay their eyes on. Besides school and some church stuff, I've been laying in bed, or on the computer. My new catch phrase is "I went outside, once.