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Awkward (but funny Emails...

2 (To my friend from his friend) Yo, dude. The most AWKWARD thing happened to me yesterday! I was super sweaty downstairs so I was playing Nintendo 64 with my clothes ( I still had on my underwear) and my big brother came down and saw me kneeling rapidly pressing "A". Sooooo AWKWARD.

Awkward (but funny) emails...

1 (from Yankee candle): Come in for a big blowout $1 tarts and samples!
"Tarts" in Britain usually means prostitute. "$1 tarts." You do the math.

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt.4

Poison: I woke up that morning, about 9:00am and I saw Spiderr had left a note. It read:
Went for a short walk. BLi/ is in another part of the Battery City. I'm almost sure of it. ~Spiderr XOXO
I yawned, grabbed my jeans and slid them on. Ghoul slammed open the door.
"Dude!! Get down here!!" He screamed.
"What? Why?" I stood up.
"It's Spiderr!!!" He boomed.
"OH HELL NO!" I screamed. I scrambled down stairs as fast as I could. "Where is she?!" I asked.
"Nice six-pak babe," Spiderr said in the corner. "Happy Birthday!!" She smiled.

A life in the Killjoy Era pt.3

A life in the Killjoy Era pt.3
Kobra: I got up and walked out. I was a little scared they would kill each other if anyone said something they shouldn't have,so on the way out I swiped their ray guns.
I walked in the living room and saw that everyone was watching TV.
"They working stuff out?" Reinly asked. I told her that I was scared that they were gonna kill eachother if anything went wrong so I swiped their ray guns.
Everyone laughed. i walked over and sat with Reinly.

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt. 2

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt. 2
Poison: I couldn't believe what I had said to Spiderr... I was so sorry, but since I said that she probably didn't want any part of me. But I still wanted every part of her. She was the love of my life... I can't believe I let her down like that...
Just as I went to get my guitar,I heard something downstairs.
"Put hands on the wall before I shoot!!" Korse was there. And probably his dumb-ass minions. The BLI barged in just as I was on my train of emotional regret and annoyance. I got my ray gun. I heard yelling and screaming and shots all at the same time.

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt. 1

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt. 1
Spiderr: I woke up dazily alomst like in a trance. Alone, as always, since the breakup with Poison and all...I don't like taliking about it...
I got up,stumbling a bit, my head almost pounding (Not bc of a hangover.). I jumped to my feet when I heard the door open. It was Ghoul. "You're on brat duty for a while, kay?" He boomed.
"Why?" I replyed.
"Karma and I are going out to breakfast then a walk. Nobody else but Reinly was up and she's got her own brat duty to worry about."
"Fine." I said rolling my eyes. "Hand her over." He handed me baby Jinxxy.


Hi,Im Maddie or you can call me Spiderr!!
Alright! NOW, Ive created a account just to say that I ABSOUTELY LOVE MCR! They helped my friend and she used to be a cutter( AND I love their music!