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Awkward (but funny) emails...

1 (from Yankee candle): Come in for a big blowout $1 tarts and samples!
"Tarts" in Britain usually means prostitute. "$1 tarts." You do the math.

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A Life in the Killjoy Era pt.4

Poison: I woke up that morning, about 9:00am and I saw Spiderr had left a note. It read:
Went for a short walk. BLi/ is in another part of the Battery City. I'm almost sure of it. ~Spiderr XOXO
I yawned, grabbed my jeans and slid them on. Ghoul slammed open the door.
"Dude!! Get down here!!" He screamed.
"What? Why?" I stood up.
"It's Spiderr!!!" He boomed.
"OH HELL NO!" I screamed. I scrambled down stairs as fast as I could. "Where is she?!" I asked.
"Nice six-pak babe," Spiderr said in the corner. "Happy Birthday!!" She smiled. She went to the kitchen to grab a cake while everyone said "Happy birthday" to me.
"This is amazing you guys!" I thanked them. They explained that Spiderr woke them up at like 2:00am to put up all the decorations. I put my armaround Spiderr's waist.
"I walked in on Boxxy and Jet though." Spiderr laughed.
"Yeah..." Boxxy and Jet blushed.

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A life in the Killjoy Era pt.3

A life in the Killjoy Era pt.3
Kobra: I got up and walked out. I was a little scared they would kill each other if anyone said something they shouldn't have,so on the way out I swiped their ray guns.
I walked in the living room and saw that everyone was watching TV.
"They working stuff out?" Reinly asked. I told her that I was scared that they were gonna kill eachother if anything went wrong so I swiped their ray guns.
Everyone laughed. i walked over and sat with Reinly. It was her second pregnancy and she had lost her last baby. I rubbed her stomach and whispered "It's gonna be a beautiful baby no matter what it is. I just know it."

Poison: There was a long silence. I asked her if she wanted to go first.
She replyed "Well you already know what-"
I kissed her in mid-sentence. She was kissing back. That was good. We both started laughing. We stopped and hugged.
"I love you." I said.

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A Life in the Killjoy Era pt. 2

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt. 2
Poison: I couldn't believe what I had said to Spiderr... I was so sorry, but since I said that she probably didn't want any part of me. But I still wanted every part of her. She was the love of my life... I can't believe I let her down like that...
Just as I went to get my guitar,I heard something downstairs.
"Put hands on the wall before I shoot!!" Korse was there. And probably his dumb-ass minions. The BLI barged in just as I was on my train of emotional regret and annoyance. I got my ray gun. I heard yelling and screaming and shots all at the same time. I knew Spiderr was still in her room. I had to tell her. I got my radio.
"Spiderr, Spiderr, come in!" I whispered into the radio.
"What?" She said shakily. She had been crying. I heard it in her voice. She sniffled.
"BLI downstairs. Just letting you know." I said.

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A Life in the Killjoy Era pt. 1

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt. 1
Spiderr: I woke up dazily alomst like in a trance. Alone, as always, since the breakup with Poison and all...I don't like taliking about it...
I got up,stumbling a bit, my head almost pounding (Not bc of a hangover.). I jumped to my feet when I heard the door open. It was Ghoul. "You're on brat duty for a while, kay?" He boomed.
"Why?" I replyed.
"Karma and I are going out to breakfast then a walk. Nobody else but Reinly was up and she's got her own brat duty to worry about."
"Fine." I said rolling my eyes. "Hand her over." He handed me baby Jinxxy.
"Thanks!" he said slamming the door.
Jinxxy was Karma's baby cousin. She found he on the door step a few weeks earlier. There was a note and it read:
Dear Karma,
This is Opal. Your baby cousin. By the time you read this I'll probably be dead. Take care of her as much as I took care of you. She's yours now.
Love, Aunt Sadie.

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Hi,Im Maddie or you can call me Spiderr!!
Alright! NOW, Ive created a account just to say that I ABSOUTELY LOVE MCR! They helped my friend and she used to be a cutter( AND I love their music! It's FREAKIN awsome!)...You're probably thinking "OH shes just sayin that bc she wants attention!"...but Im rlly not...she rlly was emo...I found this out that she was a cutter a few years ago when she showed me that her arm was completely cut up from her,about 7th time with cutting...After that it got worse and worse...Then one day I noticed she had'nt cut in a while... I asked why her arm had no cuts...She said (these are her exact words) "I listened to the MOST inspirational song a last week, it lifted me up and i realized i didn't need to cut or burn...or hurt myself bc of my pain.I've got friends like you Mads." Then she hugged me and we cryed together and ended up laffin our heads off about this thing that happened at school the other day! That had to be one of the best days of my life...