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I'm bored and I saw a blog tha said "Roleplaying." So Ive decided To do the sme thing! Message me and we can start from there!

Probelms, probelms, probelms!

I seriously fucking hate school...I got to stay home 2day tho...Thank God I did....I'm feelin real shitty right now...I just wanna jump into a...a..pit of despair...I can't eat...I can't sleep.....I don't even know!!!! I'm feeling all weird and sad and depressed....The bad thing is I'm also over my Dad's house...He's up stairs sleeping...Gaaahhh! I feel like kicking someone's ass!!!....
He IS sleeping...Hmmmmmm- NO! I'm not getting grounded again!!!! Grrr I'm really pissed off.....It's about last night...Well first let me give you a back-story.....
It all started last summer when I met

HAPPY BDAY! Even though your probably not reading this I want you to know that your a big inspiration to me and my friends. We hope you have so much fun on your bday! AND just in your honor I bought the 'Danger Days' CD, not the one for the IPOD, but the real CD! There was one left at the store, and I knew I had to get it on your honor for your bday. Now I can listen to nanana in the car! xD

Life in the Killjoy Era pt.8

Life in the Killjoy Era pt.8 Zone: Zone 6 Time: 10:00pm Place: Zone 6 Killjoy House
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~POV Poison:
I got a call just as Jinxxy and I began to get dinner.
x Convo between Dr. Atomik and Poison x
Dr.A: Draculoids have stolen your friends!!! Kobra and Spiderr were healed before they were stolen but they are being taken to the chamber!!!
P: Thanks!
x End of convo between Dr. Atomik and Poison x
"They stole them. Kobra and Spiderr. Get in the Trans-am. NOW!" I demanded.
We all got in the Trans-am.

Life in the Killjoy Era pt.7

Life in the Killjoy Era pt.7 Zone: Zone 14 Time: 9:30pm Place: Zone 14 Hospital, Asylum, and Morge
POV Jinxxy: I saw Kobra start to come back. He was repeating the same thing over, and over, and over again!
"reinly....spiderr....reinly...spiderr...reinly....spiderr" He kept moaning.
"Yes Kobra?" Spiderr said as she sat up in her hospital bed.
"I-I'm right here." She said.
I held on to Karma's coat.
"Mom? I-I mean-" I asked Karma.
"It's okay.


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Life in the Killjoy Era pt.6
POV Spiderr: I saw Kobra fall and knew he wouldn't be down forever. It was a shot to the arm. He fell though. And he fell hard. I heard a shriek. It was Reinly. Ghoul grabbed her and held her back. He knew that if she went to help him, they could BOTH end up injured. Or worse. Dead.
Korse fell to the ground and stumbled to get up to his feet. I raced ahead, trying to attack him.
I felt a sharp pain in the back of my neck. I ran on. I saw Kobra running in front of me when I fell.


So to all my KillJoy girls out there that feel there alone,ugly,will never be notice for who they really are, and feel like you will never find your true love well I'm here to tell you one none of what you feel is true and two life will always get better. Here let me explain for those who feel alone for any reason don't feel that way there is no reason for it.


Hey guys!!! I'm going on vacation this week so no Life in the Killjoy Era pt.6 til' next week! D: Sorry! But I'll do it as soon as I get home! My mom said no laptop on vacay..... I'm like "R u fuckin serious mom?" XD lol

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt.5

A Life in the Killjoy Era pt.5
Boxxy: When I woke up that morning I saw Jet sitting there looking out the window, his eyes fixed on the glass.
"Jet?" I asked. No response. "Jet Star?" Still nothing. "JET!" I screamed.
"Boxxy? Did you just wake up?" He questioned.
"No... Ive been up for like 5 minutes..." I replyed.
"Oh." He put his head down then continued to stare at the window. I got up, put on my regular clothes and headed out. I saw Karma coming up the steps.
"Hey Karma!" I said with a friendly smile.
"Your not mad?" She asked very puzzled.
"Mad? Why would I be mad?" I asked.
"He didn't