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Something I felt I needed to take...../ A Thank you! :')

[x] You hate your body.
[x] You have starved yourself.
[x] You have low self esteem.
[x] You use laxatives.(I used them once and have never taken them again because they taste HORRIBLE!)
[x] You need to be skinnier.
[x] People always say you're skinny, but you think fat.
[ ] People think you are way too skinny.
[x] You skip at least one meal a day.
[x] You limit your calories or check them constantly by compulsion.
Total: 8
[ ] You are hyper most of the time.
[x] You barely pay attention to anything.
[x] You cannot cooperate with people well.
[x] You seem to never

Im sorry D:

Im so depressed....
I cut my arm...again...I'm sorry.....I'm such a failure.....Im going nowhere.....It's all going down hill....All Costa Rica.....My life is getting worse everyday....I know everyone will be like "Why'd you cut your arm?" and shit and you guys probably have no respect for me because I did this....Im probably going to do it when Im finished writing my blog....Hell, now that I think about it...When did anyone have any respect for me....When did anyone care?......God, I can't even eat without having the feeling to cut again......The probem is....My "crush''s girlfriend texted

1)Are you really ready for 111 questions?
Hell yeah! C'mon Redbull, let's do this!

2) Was your last real relationship a mistake?
Ehhhhh...Yeah, I guess.

4) Who did you last say “I love you” to?
My mom :/ (FOREVER ALONE!!!!).

5) Do you regret it?
Now I do since I had to put it on this which maybe like 20 people will see!

6) Have you ever been depressed?
All the time.

7) Have you ever cried over a film?
Nah...maybe the "Notebook" but I usually don't watch Chick Flicks. My Dad showed me the "Notebook". Now that I think about it, that's a bit CREEPY.

8) Are you a boy or girl?


Well I'm here to explain the reason why people sleep with eachother in my fan-fiction. THEIR MARRIED! ALL OF THEM! If the they weren't, they wouldn't even be in the same room sleeping let alone the same bed! My sister saw my fan-fiction and said "Why would you wanna sleep with Gerard? Ewww!". Truth is, I don't know Gerard Way so I don't wanna sleep with him. Plus, I'm 14 which is more important! ALSO! Hes married which is MOST important! I'm not a crazed fan-girl so yeah. I don't wanna sleep with Gee.That would be SO jacked up, it wouldn't even be funny.

Cool Chiz, man, Cool chiz...

Me as I type = Bored...Tired...Thirsty....LAZY AS EVER!!!!....and last but not least, hungray! Plus, I'm not feeling that well (depression) and I had to have Video Chat with my shrink....or my pshychiatrist...or whatever you wanna call it! I don't really care!! But that's only because we're in different states because I'm on vacation...But anywhoo! I'm kinda mad because we don't get any signal out here with my cell phone, because it's out of range even though we came from Pennsylvania to Arizona!


Place: Zone 6 Quadron 3 Time: 12:30 am Date: August 24th, 2016
When I showed them the blueprints, everyone gasped. Why would Spiderr have these?
"Spiderr?" Jinxxy said turning off the radio and heading toward Spiderr. "Where did you get these?"
Spiderr wipes her eyes. "An old f-friend." She's shaking as she says this. I'm holding her now.
"Oh." Karma says. Boxxy comes down the stairs with Jet.
"Good mor- What are those?!" She says as she rushes over to us. Jet follows.
"Blue prints that might j-just save


Hey guys! I know you probably don't care but I'm writing this from, the one...the only...ARIZONA!!!!
So you're probably wondering why I'm in Arizona....I'm on vacation! NO not "vacay" it's called vacation! So I'm here because #1: I wanted to. #2: I'm here visiting the granparents! #3: To see the Grand Canyon for the first time!
So yesterday the flight was HORRIBLE! Thank god I brought my CD player! MCR the whole 6 hours of the flight, baby! Plus that's the only CD I brought.


Place: Zone 6 Quadron 3 Time: 11:00 am Date: August 24th, 2016
I woke up, Poison still sleeping, after a long night. The essence of lust floated through the air and between us. Poison's red hair draped lightly over his face. I smoothly kissed his forehead, then slid my night clothes on. I didn't use them last night. WINK WINK. ;)
I washed my face, put my eyeliner on, then walked out of the bedroom. The first person out there was Jinxxy, and she was listening to the radio. Dr.


For all those cheaters! All those Ho!Ho!Ho!'s!!!!

REPOST!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO SIGN THIS!!!!!!!!!

An idea has been brought up upon us Killjoys….Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: The MOVIE! It’s got a ring to it as a MOVIE title, eh?
So anyway, if you think that it would be totally and spazztacularly awesome for the MCR guys to try to put something like this together…then sign below! you can put your Killjoy name, your real name, your nickname, your aunts name, your pets name...whatever floats your boat! long as you sign it!!!!! hahahaha

Let’s get this petition going, Killjoys!! I’ll start :)
sign and repost!

once again...for a MOVIE :) <3

1. Cyanide Apocalypse