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Today is so fucking day. I don't know what to do with myself. I had crying spells and now energy bears me,i feel like dancing. Maybe I should go to a psychologist... no in my case it's too late

Turn on

turn on Mtv rocks - you me at six top 50 rock rampage "na na na" will be soon.
I think that MCR will be in third place, but I'm not sure


Mtv rocks ,right now -welcome to the black parade


I have visited this side for a long time, but I haven't created an account. Why?
Because I was afraid( I don't know what) .I have family ,friends but I think that they don't understand me , they think that they know me but they don't. It's not their fault , it's my- I can't be myself , I can't open. I'm running away with music. It's helping me, I close my eyes and for a while I know who I am. I want to thank fot that MCR- You make me stronger.
Once my classmate was very rude to my friends, I couldn"t stand it and I said: Fuck you, motherfucker" and he stopped..