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My dad played volleyball yesterday with uncle and the rest of the family. His leg hurts since yesterday,my grandfather took him to the hospital two hours ago, I found out that he has inflammation of the Achilles tendon and will have operations. I didn't go with them to hospital cause Grandma told me to stay home because someone had to come.
You know what worries me? :
I don't really care about it. Please don't blame me for it, but it's truth... I don't care about anything...and I don't understand it. I don't feel like hanging out with friends
I would shut myself away in the room... but I

Happy Birthday to ME!

Well the title says everything... I'm 15!!

I have guitar

Today I bought my first guitar... I'm so happy and excited

Happy Birtday Ray!

You are an amazing guitarist!
I wish you well...
Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, dear Ray

Happy birthday to you

A Family- That's so demanding

So here's the thing:
On Monday I got fight with my mother and we're not talking with each other. I really do not know how to talk to her. She constantly compares me to my brother, this is fucking annoying and now she treats me like a servant. I find her character traits which i hate for example:hypocrisy.
I should go, mother will come back to home for a few minutes so I have to pretend that I don't exist.

Have you ever wondered what...

will be in the future?
I mean , Who will you be? How and where will you live? Will you be happy?
I've always wanted to be a vet but I think that I have to change my plans.
This is very difficult job and i don't know if i can handle it. My family and friends tell me that I had to think about something else.

When I imagine myself in the future I see poor and weak woman.
It's sad because I have so many dreams.
I've always wanted to go abroad, where nobody knows me and start all over again. But it will never happen cause , what will I do abroad?! with no job , no... anything
" But

Top 20 bands

2.Foster The People
3.Florence+ the machine
5.You me at six
7.Foo Fighters
8.Fall out boy
9.All time Low
10.Arctic Monkeys
12. Kings of leon
13. Linkin Park
14.Panic! At The Disco
15. Snow Patrol
16. Young Guns
17.Green Day
18. Blink-182
19. Sum 41
20. A Day To Remember


I'm bored
I wish the whole family went somewhere for a few days and left me alone. I like to be alone ....... . All I want is a place for my own in this FUCKIN WORLD

What's going on?

I just don't know what to do. The day start very well, I ended school and i with friends went shopping, suddenly one guy called me - it was a boy from my school, i like him- next we wrote text messages, and later i don't want to text with him ( i just want to talk with my friends) so I wrote:
Me: okay, I have to stop
he: with what?
I was writing the answer, but he overtook me
he: maybe with us
I don't know what did he mean. I wrote nothing. Now it's too late. I really like him, I don't crush on him.
I don't wanna lose that friendship


So today, the school year ended. I AM VERY VERY HAPPY.
I'm going to meet my friend and celebrate this today.
I have so much free time that i don't know what to do. My friend will teach me to play the guitar .I have to create a plan: " What will I do during haliday?" any ideas?