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MCR Tribute Show - Summer 2013 - Grand Rapids MI & how it came to be...

I was on the sofa with a handful of my friends, two of them being Jeff & Austin, the night I found out MCR broke up. Austin silently handed his iPhone to me and I saw a photo of MCR. My immediate reaction was a big smile and something like "ahhh my favorites," until I read under the photograph that they had announced the end of the band.

Sloppy hoop dancing to Planetary GO!

It’s super sloppy with plenty of fails because I’m out of energy and mojo lately. I'm also having some back problems, I really don’t know what’s wrong with me - but nonetheless - enjoy <3
OH. and the ending is very abrupt because I didn’t have enough video for the whole song harharhar

IMPORTANT: Concerning the MCRMY

If you consider yourself a part of the MCRMY, then I recommend that you take a couple minutes to read what I've written about an experience I had at a recent MCR show. Feedback is appreciated and I was just very bothered and needed to say something:

My little sister and I went to see MCR a little over a week ago. It was my 5th time seeing them and her 1st. We got in line at 10 AM and waited in the cold, rain, and wind until 6:30 PM for doors to open.

The show itself was beyond my expectations. The band sounded great with the new drummer and they put on SUCH a great show.

As far as the crowd,

This Saturday!

Anybody else going to the Orbit Room on Saturday to see MCR?

I just learned that they are doing a signing 2 minutes away from my house, but my little sister and I plan on sitting in line allllll day so we can be in the front.

I made some badass shorts for the show. I realized that ever since I was 13 (when I saw MCR for the 1st time) I always had to make some kind of clothing to wear to their shows. These are definitely my favorite out of anything I've ever put together.

I really wish I could bring my hula hoops and do a hoop dance to MCR live.....


MCR is coming to GR for the first time since I was 14 - I am now 20. I am SO excited. Not to mention my 14-year-old sister doesn't know they're even coming and I'm having our tickets mailed to her so she can open them and be surprised. She's always wanted to go with me to see them (I've seen them 4 times) but was always too young. Last time I saw them was 3 years ago.

Oh my god....

la la la

Let's see.

I'm unemployed as of last week. I have tickets to see Lady Gaga in March. I can't wait for the 22nd of November. Halloween is coming up and I'm carving a pumpkin soon and I don't know HOW I haven't figured out what I'm being yet. Life has been weird, beautiful, and interesting for this past week. I still have my love and my hoop. I just need to find a job ASAP.



The past 2 weeks have been rough....blah.

Since I was having a crisis, I impulsively coloured my hair a more vibrant red/plum. That's just how I do things.

I hope things get better soon. I'm trying really hard to be better.

As for everything else, it's out of my hands and I need to cope with it properly and not let it weigh me down.


PS: From what I can already tell, I'm going to be hooping a lot to Danger Days like what.

Hoop dancing to House of Wolves!


Enjoy :)

New album :)

I was overly happy to log in today and see Frank's post from a few days ago about the album being finished, his darling daughters, etc.

This has been a crazy week for me, however. Baaaaaaaaaaaah...Can't even get started on explaining that one.


I know I just posted a blog like 10 mins ago, but I wanted to share a new hobby of mine, hooping/hoop dancing! This video is from a couple weeks ago and I want to make an MCR one soon...:)