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Heey brazilian aqui....
i need a new friend

I feel very alone, I need to talk to someone

OOOh Gee

owwowowo look in 2:10

I'm sick

I'm sick but even though I told my parents, they ignore me, so I have left here and staying sick.

What's wrong with me?

sometimes it seems that my mother hates me :(

Yeeeeeep *-*

The Search of Truth!
You must answer all these questions 100% true!
How many siblings do you have? 0
How many pets do you have? 4
You like to draw? yes
Do you like playing video games? not
You go to church? not
Do you play any sport, if so, then what? Yes, Handboll
Do you enjoy watching sports, or you find them boring? Idon't like .-.
What kind of music do you like best? Hardcore and rock
What are your favorite kinds of movies? terror
What kind of signals you emit when you think you like someone?
I'm watching and laughing ...
What kind of signs you look for when you think someone likes you?

The bookmark that I did *-*
One year *-*

This is a blog for My Chemical Romance fans who are from Belo Horizonte, Brazil