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Brazilians say : STOP THE HATE !!!! PLEASE READ *--*

As many here already know, last week two Killjoys were killed just because they're wearing T-shirts of the MCR. We, Brazilians killjoys, we decided to attend the tribute to them we will take photos of drawings and phrases like "STOP THE HATE" "SING IT FOR SKYE" "SING IT FOR SARAH" and other things they would like to say to make people aware. We would like to show the solidarity of the Brazilian ..... killjoy but if you have any other countries that want to participate ... just send me a message saying ...... Thank you

Stop the Hate
Stop The Hate

*---* what do you think?

R.I.P Skye

I was reading about a teenager killjoy who was killed "Skye" ... well someone could explain to me what happened?
and the MCRmy is doing something about it?


Soo cute *--*

Gerard way 16 years *--*

I posted this video yesterday and had a lot of response because some people do not find Gerard .. well, he is the beginning of the video, sitting behind the interviewed *---*

OMG Gerard Way 16 years
Well It's been two years ..... : (

Two years ago my grandmother and my aunt died .. Yes, they died almost on the same day, my aunt had lung cancer then she died on 23/11 and my grandmother (my aunt's mother) to see her daughter die, not endured and died at the funeral of my aunt, two deaths in 2 days ... Today is a beautiful day to listen to The Black Parade .... I miss them : (