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Gerard Way will be live ..........

link here> to see Gerard Way live at MTV Twitcam in spain ....... will start at 18h (local time) make sure the time zone of your country to watch live Gerard If you're in Brazil comes Twitcam 14h (GMT). You can also ask questions via Twitter using # askgerardway and send your question c'mon Killjoys, let's get loud with Gerard Way

omg Twitcam today with Gerard Way with MTV spain at 18h (local time)
twicam ...GARARD WAY

Gerard Way will be tomorrow at Twitcam as18H (in Spain) and 14h in Brazil ......

so hot


Gerard Young .... Is not cute?
i love this video
What Gerard said?

Gerard says that at the beginning of this video?

What he said?

o que gerard fala no inicio desse video?

what said Gerard?

Gerard says that at the beginning of this video?

I love this vidio