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which means #BewareOfZombieChrist ????????
Day 1 album
New List

Day 1 album
Day 2 without a favorite music video
Day 3 favorite song by Bullet
Day 4 favorite song of vengeance
May Day Parade favorite music
Day 6 favorite moment FRERARD
Favorite Day 7 letters
Day 8 A song that makes you happy
Day 9 favorite live performance
Day 10 solo Ray's Favorite
Day 11 Favorite Bob / moment Frank
Day 12 Favorite Gerard / Mikey moment
Day 13 their favorite images
Day 14 interview Favorite
Day 15 whatever tickles your fancy
Day 16 favorite music video
Day 17 Favorite Video (not the music video)
Least favorite song Day 18
Day 19 A song that makes you sad
Favorite moment

Happy Easter !!!!!
Day 24 - A song you want to touch at your funeral.

I really want it to ring Helena at my funeral.

Day 23 - A song you want on your wedding ring.

May seem strange, but I really want this song at my wedding


Karen is a Killjoy, whose mother has cancer, will help us with # SINGItForKaren

what you do when this nothing?

I post here.

Anyone want chocolate?

Anyone want chocolate? Well not yet, and Easter Sunday, but since Gamha some chocolates, and I was on a diet, but it is very difficult to resist oas chocolates, I think I'll eat some next week and make many exercicios... so.... Anyone want chocolate? hahahah xoxo

Anyone want chocolate?

Anyone want chocolate?
Well this coming easter and I've got chocolate, but I'm on a diet and is very hard to resist ... well I think I'll eat some, but next week I'll do much exercise .. Someone wants chocolate? hahahaha xoxo