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I fucking love this video >..<

I know it's stupid, but it's funny
Paulinha >.<

Please help me ... ;(

In one month my best friend asked me to go out with me, and I accepted, but hidden from my mom, we're in love, but my mother found us we were dating and made me break up with him, I love him so much and do not want and I can not do this I am very sad please help me.

Happy b- day Gerard way *---*
Happy Birthday Gerard way *---*


I hate people in my school, I need help ...

It was me being very happy because my best friend said he loves me and ever since we started dating, 3 days ago ... but the evil people from my college does not leave us and are making jokes with us, are all haters who can not see two people happy, and the jokes are ofenciavas're getting embarrassed, which was supposed to be a very good thing is being too bad. Im not okay ... : (

This is Carnival....... but i hate this

Yes i'm Brazilian and Yes , i hate carnival u.u

Tomorrow is my first day in high school omg

OMG ...

This is the sky of my city

I thought it was really beautiful, so I'm showing to you

Gerard and Frank on the cover of my school binder ... you like?