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I have the best friends in the world ..

My best friend gave me The Black Wall is Deas and my other friend gave me this drawing of Gerard birthday gift I love them.

what i see from my bedroom window ...

This tree blooms once a year and stays only for a week ... I'm sharing it with you >.<

Happy b-daay Mikey Way >...........<
Life is harder for me

Sometimes I have a printout that my life is more complicated than the others ... Looks like I'm carrying the world. Lately I have been feeling very tired, school, my famila, my friends, about everything in my life .. I'm very tired, sometimes I want to stop everything because everything is wrong ... My boyfriend is an idiot .. 're done dating ... Anyway my life sucks .. I think that I can´t carry on.

Today is my b-day *----* 16 YUUP

Dear MCRmy.
The last year was incredible and I wanted to thank you guys for all .. that last year you guys were my best friends in the world and I hope it continues so long thank you.... *--*

tomorrow is my birthday

16 Yuuuuuuuuuuuup *--*

My new drawing >..<
Happy b-daay Ray toro >.<
Gerard on Comic con 2012

PONCHO *-----*