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Happy B-daaay Gerard Way :3
The first Monday after the end

Today when I woke up, I was not feeling well so I did not go to school, the alarm clock rang Disenchanted , in the background of my phone a photo of MyChem ... then a horrible feeling took my body, I felt empty, lifeless, like I could not breathe I closed my eyes and wished for everything to be a dream ... But unfortunately it was not, in internet many fans extremely sad, however grateful for the existence of My Chemical Romance, the MCRmy wonderfully together . My heart still asks "What will happen now?" And all I can say is "We will carry on." Thank You MCR for everything ,for every minute

Coffee .... coffee ....coffeeee :)

Sharing you the beautiful afternoon I see from my window :)


Sharing you the beautiful afternoon I see from my window :)

Happy new year >....<

Heeey I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR with lots of love, affection and happiness … We’re always together . I love you MCRmy :)

Merry Christmas my dears >...<
This is my class today

We are so tired that we could not stay awake in class ... and that and only the beginning of the day D :

Happy Birthday Frank Iero ... Happy Ieroween MCRmy >..<
Happy Birthday The Black Parade *----*