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Teacher likes My Chemical Romance

I was so surprised by this. Today I had photo shooting at my school of art, as I'm ending there this year and I was sent to meet one teacher. I haven't known her until this, it was like, I entered her class and said why I'm here. I was wearing my MCR shirt. First thing she said was: You like My Chemical Romance? We started talking about how we love them and we shared our sadness bc of the break up. We just talked about anything that came to our minds. Oh my god the feelings were, are awesome. It's a pity that we met just today, as in month I will leave. But I'm so happy bc of this.

Russian Rock Anthem

Today I found this on Youtube. It's Nighcored rock version of Russian Anthem. (Well I'm not Russian.) Idk if you like nightcore. I personaly do and this one is awesome. And also the rock version itself is well done.


I tried to find out why I wasn't able to post lately and I still have no idea what was going on. Some of my last posts were unpublished. It was like, when I finished one I normaly clicked at Save and page reloaded. Then popped up my post with a big sign on it: UNPUBLISHED. I haven't find any reasons why it should be like this. I hope the site will go on working like it was so far. Hope this one post will be posted.


what's going on I wasn't able to publish my last post -_-

Not much active

Hi everyone! I'm not very active lately and I'm not very happy with this fact. I would like to post more but I don't have many interesting things to talk about. But I'm giving a resolution I will post more. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!


My life, especially people in it are changing pretty fast. I literally hate that fact 'cause I feel like I'm the only one who haven't changed. People I used to understand with are so different now. Everything starts to be different and I'm still the same. It's like I stucked in time. But on the other hand on Saturday I had amazing day with my old friend. After months we talked again and had fun. Yeah, we were on concert, so probably the music we love is what connected us once again. I'm so thankful for music, as it's really strong thing.


How is everyone today? Yes that was pretty dumb question.. But one year- this long we survived without my chemical romance. But i don't think that it's right said. I mean- my chem is still here. As long as killjoys will live, mcr will too. Thank you all for being here!

Dumb School

I am sitting in my class. My classmates are screaming and running between desks like wild animals. I really dont feel like we are people. Sorry if I am annoying but I am really bored and lonely. I feel like I dont belong in this class.


I just can't fall asleep. I am bored so I'm posting. Yesterday I found out that my friend that I saw 3 months ago last time knows about MCR. She doesn't like my fav band but I didn't expect that she knows something about these things. Yes this sounds pretty strange, but actually nobody I meet with knows them. Or any other bands I love. She recognized MCR symbol I had at shirt. So sad that a lot of people can't see how is this special and wonderful. Hope you guys have some Killjoys in your town, near to you.

For Lonestar

reblog this message from wherever you read it on any site at all, so if she goes online at all, she will see our message. please go along with this idea, I really want lonestar to see that we care. use, here, facebook, twitter, tumblr, deviantart, message it to her, just get this across to her, so she WILL see it, and know we care about her, and that she has soooo much to live for. it's been too long without her, she needs to return to the zones!! also add your killjoy name to the bottom of this blog when you reblog, so she can see how many people care. :)

xxx we love you lonestar xxx