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maybe the best teacher ever??

so yesterday in math class there were only like 4 students,the footballl players were away and 2 were sick,but anyway,we finished our homework in class and had like half an hour to kill away,so i asked her she could play my chemical romance for me,and she did! i was so happy i started dancing and she asked what was wrong with me i looked her in the eyes and said "gerard way said i can dance like no ones watching,so i did",she just laughed and continued to play the music,best fucking day in math ever!

really guys?

today in school i was teased for suporting gay/lesbian couples,and to show my suport i wrote on my arm "team frerard",well some of the kids from the "popular crowd" saw it and teased me for it,is this really my school? we used to have a gay student and everone made fun of him,except for me i was his only friend,my best friend didnt like him because she felt he was stealing me,truth was i felt like no one need to walk alone,we were always together he even loved MCR as much as me,but unfortunetly he moved last year,but i still see him sometimes

slowly,but surely

so my best friend of 8 years,ryen,has a boyfriend who i really dislike,and he takes her away from me,we'll be hanging out and he comes over grabs her hand and steals her from me,i hate that he does that,and i cant tell ryen anything cause this is the first time she's been happy with someone else but her ex,who i hated more,i have Athazagoraphobiamits the fear of bein forgotton,it hurts me when she leaves me like that,so i go to my big sister(not really,we're just really close)ivy,and she always makes me feel special,and wanted,like today she hugged me and wouldnt let go cuz she saw how sad i


ever made a promise you never knew if you could keep,my best friend ivy,well shes more like my big sister,she and i made a promise that if i took her hand she would lead me down the right way,she made me promise her that i would never do anything bad like,drink,or smoke,or be with the wrong person,she tellse me gerard way quotes all the time,her favorite to tell me is to stay ugly,,and never let the world channge me,but its harder when people are pushing you into the crowd,and its even harded when your best friend of 9 years is heading down the wrong road and you cant save her(not ivy,a

help me figure this out?

so i have to write a scary story for an english paper,and i am a very dark and bloody person,i have a good idea but i want to tell you guys first,i feel like you can help me cause you guys are like me in ways,trust me

how can i help?

so i have my best friend,we've been best friends for 8 years,but im worried shes moving off onto the wrong path,we've loved MCR,but recently shes been going distant from me,she ditches me for her boyfriend,and im just there listing to my music,im worried for her,what if i cant save her from what her boyfriend has in mind..

Nothing better than bein crazy

I have rainbow hair,and whenever I go walking or somewhere people always stare at it,in my town it's not that out of the ordinary cause I live in a small town,but when I go to the city people are always staring,it's mostly girls or women,but I don't like the feeling of eyes on me,and I hear them whisper and say I'm crazy,so yep that's me,being crazy for expressing myself.