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give me your name and ill look you up and add you,i need a friend to talk about MCR with,when i try with my normal friends they ignore me,so message me and ill try and find you


gerard way says im supossed to love my self and the way i look,but its hard to do that when you hate to look at your own refelction,you hate the snide comments from kids cause your so skinny,you hate when you talk to a boy and feel like hiding,most of all i hate hugging my guy friends,sometimes they understand better than girls,and when im hug them i just want to cry,i hate how i can never see myself as pretty,no matter what i do,sometimes i get so mad,i wash my face and stay in my closet for days,pull my face mask(its a panda face ski mask my sister made)and never go outside,i hate it,but i

damn you brain!

i was talking with my crush of like 9 years,and i was so distracting cause i was thinking of MCR and heres an actuall convo
crush:why are you here at tutoring?
crush:cause why?you dont have an F
me*curenly thinking of to the end* still there?
me:she drive at 90 by the barbie and jens...
just fuck you brain,i cant even look at him now


HAPPT BIRTHDAY FRANKIE!!! so today i went to school in a MCR shirt and had Xs on my eyes,i fluffed my hair alot and drank alot of coffee,someone asked who i was so i loooked down and my shirt and said,i was a My Chemical Romance hybrid child,the story was: all four band members dontaed DNA to scienctist and they created me,i have a trait from alll of them,fluffy curly hair from ray,awkward knees from mikey,a big smile from frank,and a good singing voice and coffee obbsession from gerard,i won first place at the costume contest,and at the dance i felt like killing every couple there,and im now

dear people,....

i actually wrote this in a letter and put it in peoples lockers:

dear people who say im too obsessed with My Chemical Romance,
you will NEVER understand the true underline cause of the obsession!so fuck you!
XOXO,fuck sincerely
the true cause of this obbsession is that my life isnt perfect right now,so to the people just know that i hate you


our math teachers back,we thought she was fired and shit,today i found out my crush likes MCR,freaking out about that,spazzed out when boy divison came on youtube,and tomorrow is halloween and im not gonna wear my costume to school,im wear my home made MCR shirt,and do a bar or Xs over my eyes for frankie,and its his birthday so definalty gotta put IEROWEEN somewhere on me

i have a mental lizard by my door

HOLY FREAKING FLUFF OF ZOMBIE FERRETTS!! so much happened today,first hugn out all morning with my sister,in 6th hour my english partner who is a boy got really touchy today,he kept touching my leg,i eventually got so tired of it,i slapped him and told him to get mother complained of what im wearing to my grandpas funeral,a skirt and black shirt,i also found a mental lizard right out side my room,like he twist when i touch him,and im working on a new story,i was told i need to stop obbsessing over My Chemical Romance,too bad they'll never understand the underline of that,its more like

curse this feeling

today my bestfriend wanted to drag me along with her and her boyfriend,i told her i had to leave.truth was i didnt wanna go,im tired of being the third wheel,the sad friedn she feels sorry for,i plaster a smile on my face for her and everyone else,but it hurts too,man i hate everyone my age,at least here in this town,i wish i could see my older friends,they undetstand me


i just realized my neighbor looks like a young version of mikey way,but with really dark hair and prolly shorter,i just realized this....

dont touch mah hair

so my mom was mesuring me for my halloween costume,and she needed to put my hair up,so i go ninja and slap her hand away,i have a fear of people touching me hair and ears,thats why i never do anything to it,so people wont touch it,i barely even let hair cutterd touch it