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Hope you're day rocks!! I loves you!

I feel like a "Dedicated Fan" how about you guys? ;)

It's THE year 2014, APart from bad things like ViOlence, crimes, and exTra caloriEs, this year does have good things to offer, like MUSIC, and a whole bunch of other AWARDing thingS for the MOST DEDICATED MCR FANS like us.Okay, later Killjoys ;) *wink wink*

Psst (hope you got the hidden message)

April 9th

By the "way" just for clarification I know his birthday was April 9th :)

My Chemical Romance/Gee's birthday

I posted things about Gee's birthday on every social site I got except for my most precious one: THIS ONE (wat's happening to me?! & I call myself a MCR fan :/) oh well, if ya want you can check out my Tumblr Twitter Instagram YouTube/Google + Elisabeth Bolanos Happy 37th Birthday Mr. Gerard Arthur Way ♥

The Anniversary of MCR's "death"

Thank you MCR for 12 yrs of hope, love, dreams, and darkness. You live on through your fans and continue to help us. ♥Ray♥Frank♥Mikey♥Gerard♥Bob♥Matt

Happy October 31st

Happy Birthday Frank Iero! and Happy Halloween to all of you MCR babies!


Happy last day of this year's wwmmb MCR junkies! <3 BIG shout out to the boys: I LOVE YOU GUYS FOREVER, THANKS <333 *hug n kissies* ><
I also uploaded another pic on my DeviantArt account: SwallowMyHeart, that's more artsy and appreciative. <3 you guys mean the entire universe and beyond to me.

September 11th

RIP <3 (listening to Skylines & Turnstiles) on a lighter note: forgot to say happy 2nd day of wwmmb (if it goes on till today and Wednesday still?)

Happy Birthday Mikey Way!

Before it's too late just had to squeeze my wish for a wonderful day for Mr. Way <3 We love you Mikey

The Black Parade's hidden message


man visiting this site makes my eyes swell >< but anyways, i had a question if anyone could answer:

If you remember ever visiting MCR's official website long ago when they were "The Black Parade"; you might recall there was a moving picture of some bloody medical tools and when you clicked/hovered over them some words would appear that said "don't be afraid". SO when you'd click them then appeared 3 symbols: a heart, a weapon, and a skull i think. It asked: "what brought you here?" The correct answer was the heart.