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Laughing so hard right now

Okay, so today is October 30th where I live and I'm super pumped for Halloween. I'm going as Jeff the Killer and I hope to scare as many people as possible. Anyways, last night my little brother must have been being a brat. (He's four years old and soooo bad) My mum came in and was like, "Rae, I need your help."
I was really cautious 'cause help usually (oo~ Give 'Em Hell Kid just came on Pandora~) means that I have to do something I really don't want to do.

Umm... Hi?

Um, hey. I'm new here and just wanted to say hi. My name's Rae. I'm currently in English class and I'm the only finished typing our essays so I'm listening to Pandora Papa Roach Radio and on here. I wanted to find a site that was MCR related and I guess I found one...

Anyways, the school I go to isn't all that accepting. I've found a few good friends, but only one I really trust and would tell anything. I'm really eccentric but I keep to myself.