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Made This To Cheer You Guys Up ^-^


WOOP! I've figured out the Transmissions!

Smiling like a idiot now! Happy days. XP

Tattoo Design i did!

So this is going to on the top of the back of my neck, but low enough i can cover it up with a top or something.
it's a tribute tattoo and the "rev" stands out most.

Should i, or shouldn't i?

by accident, my sister and her boyfriend heard me singing Cancer last night and they both think i was good. i want you guy's opinions but i don't really want to put it on YT because everyone in my year knows about my channel and i don't want the piss taken out of me.
should i do it or not?

I've managed to make half my family hate me...

Only my dad's side of the family. just because i say the occasional cuss word on FB and my cousin is a complete gossip. i don't care really. they're the side of the family i don't see often. but it's still kinda sad that there is not a bond any more. i guess i've truly become the misfit of the family

"Does This Make Me Disturbed?"...Teacher said yes...¬_¬

I drew this pic today and i thought it was quite cool. i asked my teacher if it was disturbing and she goes yes. then i asked if i was disturbed and the answer was yes! lol

Somehow my tec project became MCR related...?

We were meant to pick a culture or festival to base our projects on and i picked Day Of The Dead because i was completely fascinated by it. then i found the MCR masks on-line and ended up designing my own (a mix of them i think XP) and making my own mask! lol...

If i were an animal...i would be a Awkward beach whale...¬_¬

don't you just HATE it when your with your mates and they suddenly go "oh my god, i'm SO FAT!"
this happens to me every day. my friend won't accept she's pretty and skinny!
so me being the witty fast commenting person i am, i quickly replied with "if your fat, then i must be MORBIDLY OBESE!"
then my friend goes on about how i'm perfect and she's not.
ok, i'm a big girl i know. i'm not pretty or skinny. but i embrace my size!
it really annoys me that my friends can't see that either.
but i found this pick and i thought it was awesome!

Does anyone know what my dream means?

Okay so in my room all my walls are covered in posters (relevant i promise!) espesially the wall by my door.
in my dream someone was showing me the posters in my room and all the posters turned into the same guy but in different poses. but they all had him showing his forearms but they were slashed and covered in really deep cuts and bleeding really bad. the person who was showing mt told me he had "taken his own life the year before"
then i looked down and my hands were covered in blood but it wasn't from any of my cuts it was coming off the walls from the posters.

When i woke up my arm was


I just realised today that Simple Plan do the Whats New Scooby Doo Theme Song! XP