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My Art Homework =D What Ya Think?

We had to do a album cover so i did my favourite A7X album, Waking The Fallen! =D

LOL Pic's =D
My Art Homework =D

We had to pick an interesting album cover and copy it for our art homework. So I thought I'll do my favourite Avenged Sevenfold album and do Waking The Fallen. It's not finished but I would love to hear what you guys think!

Drew this at school...

Standing up for rights, left, right and centre =D

I need answers about my mental health, please...

I'm scared about myself. My friends have told me they are scared of me when i'm like this. Right now i'm pissed off.
I'm mostly a nice person most days. and cool calm and collected.
sometimes i just get angry. but not for any apparent reason. i get really angry and i feel like i need to fucking kill someone. my friends get scared.
yesterday i beat someone up, even though a few moments before i was fine and calm.
my friend thinks i have two people in me fighting to control my mind.
but there is a third person i guess. this happens after the aggressive one. the depressive one.

He's okay. It was only a small one. But i still didn't like the fact none of my family told me! i had my phone, they could of texted me or something.
It just puts in perspective that i could loose him at any time.

Got into a fight at school and feeling more than friends...-_- HELP ME!

Yeah, well the first problem was just self defense. What can i say? you pull my hair twice, i'm gonna punch you in the arm and shout "don't fucking pull my hair bitch". but i apologized but she's claiming i attacked her. good thing is all the teachers are "apparently" on my side (according to her).

Second problem is a bit more personal.
Lately, i've been feeling a little more than i used to towards one of my friends. I'm completely comfortable with myself and whom i chose to love. it's just i wanna tell her, but i know she'll freak out, seeing as i have a crush on her.

One Year Ago, I Changed My Life Forever

Some of you may of known about my past. Last year, i didn't have anything to feel good about. I was a reject, not one of your normal 12 year old girl. I was a freak okay?
Then as some of you know, i found music. But not the normal stuff. Old school AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Weird for a girl who only a few months ago was listening to Jedward...
This grew of course. Addictions to the likes of Green Day and Blink-182 and finally settling on My Chem and other bands of the same sorta Punk Rock genre.
Of course, changing when i was a bully target didn't help.

I Don't Cry, But There Are 5 Exceptions

1. So Far Away (can't listen to it, or i WILL cry)
2. Victim
3. Fiction
4. Save Me
5. Tonight The World Dies

I can only write songs when i'm ANGRY! Can you help me with a song?

I don't know why.
One time i was soo pissed off at my ass of a dad that i wrote a whole song in my head, then forgot it...
Being angry makes me feel good!
So i was angry at myself for being an outcast and i wrote this chorus:

"You can’t stand the way I look,
The way I dress,
but I don’t care!
You can’t stand the fact I’m not normal,
I’m not right,
That I’m only one thing…
I’m the misfit of the family!"

You guys help me with the verses? Anger wore off =D
7 (<- syllables of each line?)



Saturday October 27, 2012 
| Posted by: SnakeBiteKobraKid

I got some EPICCC Cd's today in my countries capital today! Just for the record, I LOVE LONDON!!!!
I got ATL's new album Don't Panic WHICH ROCKS!!!
I also got LTJ's Hello Rockview because i LOVE IT!!!!!
ANDNDNDND I got MB's Midnight Beat because they ARE HILARIOUS!!!

I got two amazing tops aswell ANDDDDDD MY IEROWEEN COSTUME CAME TODAY!!!!!!!!

Thursday October 18, 2012 
| Posted by: SnakeBiteKobraKid

OMG!!!! GOING TO SEE THE "Greatest Band EVER" tonight!!!
Jables and Kyle!

I'll put picccys tommoza =D


Saturday October 13, 2012 
| Posted by: SnakeBiteKobraKid

Just watch...

Wednesday October 03, 2012 
| Posted by: SnakeBiteKobraKid

Just listening to Nevermind at FULL BLAST on my ipod. Having a little bit of a rock out after a long day at school ;D!!

Monday October 01, 2012 
| Posted by: SnakeBiteKobraKid

My dad is amazing! He was just like "i have a surprise for you" and BAM suddenly i'm going to see one of the funniest bands EVER! =D
Anyone else from the UK seeing them???


Sunday September 30, 2012 
| Posted by: SnakeBiteKobraKid

So my friend has been down lately. And I mean DOWN "The world has nothing but hate in it why should i try at anything" down. So I decided to draw her a picture. Not just any picture, one of the few pictures i have of her smiling. So i drew this picture without her knowing at all and then the next day i sup[rised her with it. The look on her face was so happy. It was like it just lit up!

So I guess what i'm saying is, YOU can give the best gift yourself, no need to buy one, and no need for a reason to give one.