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Drawing of Frank

3 days! One of my best yet i think.

Three Cheers themed homework! FTW =D

OKAY! This art homework was to cover our art bok in something "artsy" and i LOVE this album cover and it is quite artsy and pop art-ish so i thought why not?! What do ya think?

Help convincing my mum in letting me dye my hair??? =)

Ok the low down...
My mum said i could have BLUE Streaks in my hair for this concert i'm going to in a few weeks which is okay. BUT i really want to dye all my hair black. All my friends said it would work (kinda got a Joan Jett hairstyle going on, but blonde doesn't work).
My mum is REALLY strict on this kinda thing. How can i ask her without her freaking out. And what is a good argument to win my case?

I found out why my friend has been cutting...

I managed to show her i really cared and i wanted to help and when she told me i was shocked. It's because people at school keep calling her a boy. She is only 12 so it's not like she would have a full figure yet but i never realised it had gotten so bad that she wanted to harm herself over it. I really want to give her a hug. At least her boyfriend is over there with her. =(

My friend cut herself?

I'm really scared. My friend told me she had cut herself 3 times under her arm. The thing is, she has no reason too. She is always cheery and she is everyone's friend and it just doesn't seem right for her to do something like that. I wish i could give her a hug. What can i do to help? She thinks i don't care!

Things are looking up, finally =D

I feel kinda happy lately. MOST people have stopped taking the piss outta my gigantic stomach . In fact, people have started being nice to me a bit more and joke along with me a bit more. Sure there are still assholes who take the piss but screw them. I'm happy! =D

Foop Yeah! Old me is back baby! =D

DAMN if forgot how fucking awesome all the old skool ska and punk i used to listen to was! I'm going back to my roots! Goodbye for a while metal and alternative, your looking at a anti-establishment, anarchy loving, fuck the government punk rocker chick once more! (with added ska trumpets ;D )

Am I Being A Class A Bitch?!

Okay so my fellow band mates have decided to kick out one of our closest friends and backing singer from said band. And they didn't even tell me they were going to do this. I was really sad because she was the only one who really wanted to do it. The others didn't even practice.
SO, i asked her to be in a secret band with me (little side project for me) BUT she keeps saying that it's not fair on the others.
Am i being a bitch to the others for doing this? Or should i just (cheesey) follow my dream ?


Two weeks of tests are over! Easy Peasy Pumpkin Peasy Pumpkin Pie Motherfucker science test today! and now there OVER!
Time to celebrate by rocking out to my ipod!
Sweet Dreams my fellow peeps from good old England, the rest of the UK and Europe!

Here's a little song i wrote... =D

Verse 1
I take a deep breath and walk through the door.
I just couldn't hold it off any more.
Your beautiful face was pale and cold.
You look so frail, you look so old.

Verse 2
I stroke back your once golden hair,
The blood that covers it makes this unfair.
Why do I have to say goodbye,
When I’ve only just said hello?

Life's just a board game, don't you understand?
That our fate is just a roll of the dice now, love?
Life's just a board game, we'll play it till the end,
Unless we get...

(What do ya think?)